Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Thule Society as another sucker-filled front for Satanism

Another subject that caught my eye in the course of perusing The Hitler Book is that of the Thule Society, starting on page 85. (The core of the Nazi party belonged to the Thule Society.) As I read this section, it became clear to me that the Thule society is yet another one of the sucker-filled "shell" groups for organized Satanism. (However, it would have included some Satanists, perhaps in the form of an "inner circle," to manipulate the suckers.) It's hard to believe that such powerful people could believe such garbage. But it makes sense, considering the role the Nazis played in putting the pieces in place for the fake Apocalypse, including by creating "Israel" to "fulfill prophecy." As revolting as it might seem to Jews, "Israel" was a Nazi project - well, actually Satanic, but through a Nazi front. Note that "Israel" has recently been showing its "Apocalyptic" bent by threatening to invade Iran on the basis of the same sort of "logic" which Mignini used for "justifying" his war on Amanda Knox.