Monday, November 7, 2011

"War on terror" is partly a war on the Land-Bridge

In a previous post, I indicated that one of the reasons the oligarchy insists upon unleashing chaos in Iran is that a key section of the Eurasian Land-Bridge would pass through Iran. Since then, I've found a better map, which clearly shows that Tehran would be a key node on this transportation system, which would set new standards for energy efficiency and speed. This would not replace the existing transportation systems, although it would reduce our dependency on them. (I like the idea of a low-speed maglev system to supplement our existing system of roads. Such a system would revolutionize society.) In certain weather, maglev rail is the only viable form of transportation, and eventually, it could be placed in underground tubes from which the air would be mostly evacuated, allowing the trains to travel faster than the speed of sound.