Saturday, November 12, 2011

Waves on the surface of the ocean

It took Cain less than a minute to come out against "torture," but in favor of torture during the GOP debate in South Carolina Saturday night.
Michele Bachmann explicitly supported Cain's position, saying that if she were president, "I would be willing to use waterboarding."

Cain later said that he "would keep Gitmo open" and that he would allow enhanced interrogation techniques to be used on the detainees there "because they are terrorists."

If they're in Pitmo, they're the worst of the worst, i.e. not sexy, or what Aleister Crowley called "outcast and unfit." So upon them, and as Uncle Al said, don't ask why!

At least Cain and Bachmann are honest - that's the same Satanic policy that we'd get no matter who ends up as "President." The implicit "justification" is "might makes right." The solution is to defang Mammon with Glass-Steagall.