Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"We don't know anything except that poor unfortunate Guede didn't do it alone" (Revi B - see notes)

For the first time since the appellate ruling that acquitted Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, today, November 6, 2011, speaking on "Sunday Five" speak Arlene and Stephanie Kercher, her mother and sister Meredith, interviewed by journalist Ilaria Cable.
My daughter - Arlene says - died without a reason, and after four years is hard to start from scratch, go back to ask who it was, with the possibility that perhaps we will never reach a solution.
"We will not directly appeal against the sentence, the prosecutor will make their appeal against the two acquitted. We proceed by going to see the reasons for ruling against Rudy Guede. He says he has killed the competition with two other people, but if the two people were not met, then who were they? Many think that our appeal is against the two acquitted, but we always said, we do not want them to go the wrong people in jail, we just want to understand what happened that night. "

"I do not think that Meredith may have been killed by one person - Mom Arlene continues - The judges said the ruling against Rudy Guede, there is much evidence that they say: if it were a single person there would have been more signs of struggle and instead there are [few signs of struggle]. My daughter was strong, did karate, gymnastics. It would be defense." [In other words, if there were only one assailant, she would have put up a fight, and there would be evidence of a fight. The fact is that there is such evidence.]

When asked if they still believe in justice, mother Arlene responds: "We must believe, otherwise the logic goes dell'ognuno itself. [I wasn't able to find an interpretation for this apparent Italian idiom.] Expect that new evidence and tell us what really happened."

These translations demonstrate that computers will never replace human translators, who unlike computers can grasp the meaning of a passage and express it in whatever language the translator knows.

But reading between the lines, it seems to me that the Kerchers are either incredible dolts, or they're pretending to be incredible dolts, because they still claim not to know - and that they might never know - who murdered Meredith, and how and why he did so.

If they're pretending, I assume that their motive is financial, and that the motive of those paying them is to portray Rudy Guede as a participant in the crime, but not the killer.

This lie goes back to Mignini's original lie, i.e. that Knox, Sollecito, and Lumumba committed the murder. When Lumumba provided an iron-clad alibi, and overwhelming physical evidence proved that Guede was the killer, Mignini substituted him for Lumumba but protected him by hiding key evidence and claiming that he just helped the others, and that Knox was the actual killer. So, Guede had to go to prison to protect the reputation of the Italian "justice" system, and I assume that he'll be amply rewarded by organized Satanism for everything he's done for it, including the murder, his lies in support of Mignini's lies, and his time spent in prison to protect the Italian "justice" system's reputation and to help keep Satanism hidden.

Satanic possession is State Secret [> 65 70 > 11 7 > 18 > 9] Number 1, organized Satanism itself is Number 2, and no expense is spared to keep them hidden. Another example of this is how Scott Olsen's would-be killer is being allowed to disappear into the woodwork, which is also a case study in how the media manipulates us, partly by giving us the impression that it's being handled, and then just dropping the matter so that we'll forget about it. Another example is the supposed investigation into what happened to SEAL Team 6. Where is this "investigation?" Perhaps potential recruits would like to see a thorough investigation before signing up. I know that I'd like to know that my superiors wouldn't sacrifice me to boost a treasonous Commander-in-Chief's popularity ratings.

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