Friday, December 2, 2011

Article helps to conceal Satanism in guise of journalistic hand-wringing over Knox's treatment

American and 24-year-old Amanda Knox was the recent victim of the media’s obsession with sexualized women. The Italian, British, and American media called her “Foxy Knoxy” and claimed she went on a killing spree to satisfy her sexual urges. But all this doesn’t add up. If we look at the Society of Professional Journalism Code of Ethics, we can see that their main goals are broken down into four parts; seek truth and report it, minimize harm, act independently and be accountable.
Major said Knox isn’t the only female sexualized in the media.... Major said that the recent Casey Anthony case is another example as the prosecution tried to use her partying and wild ways as a motive for killing her daughter. But the jury didn't buy it.
So why does it seem like unethical journalism is flourishing in these types of stories? Well Major would say it is because sex sells. And Dr. Von Der Haar said that it’s all about the money. “People are interested in the truth,” she said. “Unfortunately, truth does not always sell.” But Rees said these news organizations shouldn’t travel the pack since any untruths (in reporting) are always unethical.

This article misses the point, or was intended to cover up the point, which is that what happened to Knox was an attempt by organized Satanism to destroy not just her life, but her very essence (Orwell's "obliteration of the self," i.e. her potential for future consciousness-evolution), precisely because she is innocent of murder, and is good-hearted, although she's probably not as trusting as she once was. I find it particularly offensive that it tried to equate Knox with Casey Anthony, and I consider this attempt to be an indication of an ulterior motive for the article.

As usual, organized Satanism attacked Knox from behind its cloak of invisibility, which largely consists of the assumption made by most people that nobody would do something so low, which is the result of organized Satanism's extreme effort over decades or centuries to paint itself and its horrifying motives out of the picture.