Monday, December 5, 2011

Mignini's latest victim

[Google translation] But do not stop at the institutions, because of the huge drop in on the members at the University of Perugia has pointed the finger at security remembering to retrieve only the acropolis "dall'Erasmus students now, but we are down to more than half, Meredith after the event. " He spoke then of "a team" stressing that "unfortunately the quality of politics today does not go in this direction. We must then call the heads of government and the community to a strong cohesion, because of all the universities. "

Reading between the lines of this horrible AI-generated translation, the article seems to state that there has been a huge decline in the number of students attending the University of Perugia since the murder of Meredith Kercher, and that the blame is being placed on the security situation. However, I assume that the university's administration is also afraid of the Italian "justice" system, which is right out of 1984, and that they are concealing another likely factor, which is the fear of being falsely imprisoned and being put through hell by an "overzealous," untouchable prosecutor.

In any case, the blame can be put squarely on Mignini's well-hidden, well-preserved face (an allusion to his "face saving" cover story for his and organized Satanism's Kercher-related witch-hunt), if for no other reason than the likely fact that Kercher was butchered by Guede at organized Satanim's behest in order to provide Mignini and Coven with yet another "Monster of Florence"-type witch hunt, in which Amanda Knox was clearly intended to be the sacrificial lamb from the start. (Kercher was also a sacrificial lamb, but she was sacrificed in order to "justify" the witch-hunt.)

It's even possible that Mignini was Guede's controller, considering Guede's mysterious ability to avoid incarceration and prosecution for his crime spree leading up to the murder, which I assume was intended to prepare him for the murder. Even though he didn't commit several murders, his series of break-ins and knife-related behavior, leading up to the final break-in and murder, can be construed as "ritualistic," i.e. repetitive, the point of which would be to allow him to psychologically prepare himself for the murder in order to feel pleasure as a result of the murder.

It appears that he incorporated sexual activity into the deed, as a means of associating the murder with pleasure, which would be intended (by those who put him up to it) to open his soul to demonic possession. I don't know what Guede believed he was accomplishing, and he isn't talking. He wasn't even aggressively interrogated, even though he supposedly committed the murder with others.