Monday, December 5, 2011

Old British murder/frame-up bears striking similarities to Kercher/Knox case

While perusing tweets at Injustice in Perugia, I found a reference to an article about a similar case which took place in Britain in the 70's, which supports my claims about the Kercher/Knox case.

The article recounts a case in which a guy was framed for murdering a young girl, even though the killer had evidently masturbated as she lay dying, leaving sperm on her clothes which the framed guy could not have produced due to a medical condition. The sheer brazenness of the lies on the part of the authorities in this case is appalling. The "defense" attorney, who was clearly part of the frame-up, later became part of the Thatcher government.

From my perspective, the article is a key to the Knox case, because it clearly shows the hand of organized Satanism in the murder and in the frame-up. Note that the murder, like Kercher's, included sexual activity, which I suspect was intended to make the killer feel pleasure as a result of murdering someone for simply being human. A frame-up is clearly evident in the article, and in prison, the patsy was tormented to the point of developing schizophrenia and then developing a heart condition which conveniently killed him shortly after he was released. Since then, reforms have been instituted to prevent such cases.

As for the alleged motive ("Italian pride"), I will just repeat my previous assertions that it's insane because it implies that moral people would railroad two young people into a hellish prison system for life to protect their reputations. I'm surprised that the article's writer, a British physician, would not recognize the incongruity of this notion, although perhaps he didn't write the headline. I noted that the notion of "Italian pride" is not explicitly contained in the article, which seems to indicate that the authorities were simply in a hurry to convict someone. If so, then why didn't they just stop with Guede, instead of prosecuting Knox and Sollecito on the basis of a lurid fantasy and "evidence" which was obviously fabricated?