Saturday, December 17, 2011

Satan turning up the heat on his "Jews" and other "defenders" of "Israel"

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has been in the U.S. for at least the last two days to organize for war against Syria and Iran, according to U.S. sources and contacts close to Israeli opposition circles. While Barak is addressing liberal groups, the American Jewish "war party" is on a simultaneous super offensive to scare the hell out of US war opponents, with full-page ads accusing Obama of using Israel "like a punching bag."
from Barak in U.S. to Hasten Iran War

This just goes to show, as I wrote years ago, that "Israel" is the linchpin of the fake "Apocalypse," a Nazi project consciously created to go through the motions of the Fundamentalist Christian "interpretation" of Revelation.  Not surprisingly, the Fundies got their start as the Christian Literalists in Britain.  Practically everything that's happened on the world stage since WWII has been intended to force the world to go through the motions of this deliberately false interpretation.

I suspect that this is the real reason we pulled our military out of Iraq at this time - partly to protect it from retaliation from Iran, and partly to use some of these Hell-hardened soldiers against the US population as civilizatin collapses.  Note that various other ingredients for setting up concentration camps are coming together at this time, including what one astute legal observer calls "the detention bill."

For the latest significant developments in this march into Hell, I recommend LPAC's website.