Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Seemingly insane night raids in Afghanistan expose "war on terror" as Satanic reign of terror

Civilians bear the brunt of these hardline tactics. As one man from Nangarhar, interviewed in the report said, “They claim to be against terrorists, but what they are doing is terrorism. It spreads terror. It creates more violence.”
from US Refuses Karzai’s Latest Plea to End Deadly Night Raids

These raids, like the brutal treatment inflicted upon Egyptian protesters, epitomize Satanism and its sanctimonious smokescreens.  Besides cowardice and brutality, another aspect of Satanism which these raids reflect is anonymity, which in turn reflects the loss of identity which Satanism intends to achieve.  Those responsible for war crimes committed during these raids are rarely held responsible or even identified. (Nor are they typically among those getting blown up by IEDs.) They're just part of a mass of soldiers, which reflect the group-soul nature of the pod person, an appendage of Satan via some demon.  In the pursuit of occult powers, "occult powers" get them.  It's the ultimate bait and switch.  I keep coming back to LaRouche's definition of the Beast man: they consider themselves to be supermen because they are capable of such subhuman behavior.  They take pride in their stealth, brutality, lack of compassion and lack of accountability, at least in this world.