Saturday, December 10, 2011

The significance of sexual pleasure in SRA

When I indicated that I suspect that sexual activity is incorporated into Satanic murders (i.e. murders committed as a form of SRA) in order to feel pleasure as a result of murder, I neglected to mention that sexual pleasure is probably especially effective, because the "control levers" which demons use to control people consist of SENSUAL URGES. Other activities which certain people find pleasurable, such as solving crossword puzzles, would probably not be effective, because they are cerebral.

The key is the combination of harmful/destructive behavior and sexual pleasure. I have often wondered whether pedophilia is a form of SRA, and I suppose it could be if it included a conscious intent to hurt the victim in some way.

However, there are plenty of examples of SRA which don't include sexual pleasure, so it seems that it's not necessary to incorporate sexual pleasure into SRA in order for it to be effective. But then perhaps the forms which don't include sexual pleasure are just intended to prepare the "initiate" for forms which do include it. Another possible factor is that Satanists are generally more sexual in a mechanical sense than humans in general, but I'm not sure this would make any difference. Perhaps it's sufficient to dwell on a recent sexual experience. (By the way, black magic does not include a sexual component, based on Rudolf Steiner's descriptions of such initiations and preparations for them.)