Monday, December 5, 2011

TSA "black ops" team molesting grannies?

Three South Florida women, all elderly and with medical problems, say Transportation Security Administration officers made them take off their clothes during the screening process at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport last week.
All three, one with a defibrillator, one with a colostomy bag and the other with diabetes, say they were forced to disrobe in a private room at the same terminal.

This sounds to me like something that a "black ops" team (i.e. Satanists), allowed to pose as TSA agents, would do, as SRA in the form of humiliation. (As supermen who are part of our secret Orwellian fascist/Satanic government, they can waltz into just about any situation they please, blend in by putting on the relevant uniform, order people around, and then disappear back into the woodwork, with no accountability.) The TSA might not perform strip searches, but that doesn't mean that such a team didn't, and because they of course would do it where there is no surveillance, there is no way to prove that they did it.

Note that those who supposedly performed these searches have not appeared to present their version of events, perhaps because they're afraid people would see through their lies. Also note JFK's proximity to a ley line, making it a good place to conduct SRA in pursuit of those "occult powers" that end up turning on their pursuers and getting them instead.

Another possibility is that this is a Daily Mail-style fabrication, but the fact that identifiable people are involved would indicate otherwise.