Friday, December 23, 2011

Why not charge Mignini with abuse of office in Knox witch-hunt? (rev A)

It occurred to me yesterday that Grand Inquisitor Giuliano Mignini, of the Church of St. Tomás the Confessor, was not only let off the hook for abuse of office in the Monster of Florence case (supposedly temporarily, but probably effectively permanently), but he was also not charged with the abundantly evident abuse of office in the Knox case, in which he put not only Knox and Sollecito through hell for four years, but also  their supporters, on the basis of nothing but lies disguised as a) the fervent beliefs of a fanatical witch-hunter, and b) some vanishingly minute "DNA evidence" found months after the murder.

So, this is yet further evidence that Mignini was just playing the part of the "crazy cop," and the "justice" system the part of the "sane cop." The justice system probably planned all along to give the appearance of prosecuting Mignini in order to protect its image, and now that his spree of "overzealousness" has come to an end, so too has the "justice" system's need to protect its image.  So, the charges against Mignini have effectively been dropped. ("Isn't it enough that he's stopped terrorizing you? You are so vindictive! Just leave the crazy old man in peace!" Hasn't he suffered enough?)

Perhaps Mignini's victims are being quitely compensated by the Italian government as part of Satanism's strategy of letting an outbreak of SRA gradually fade away so gradually that we don't notice that it's fading away, and that it's gone when it finally ends,  thus causing us to forget it, or leaving us wondering whether it ever occurred, or if it was just our imagination.

So, even in its aftermath, the Perugia witch trial is providing further evidence that it was run by organized Satanism.  That cheesy "hearing" in an ancient, dilapidated courtroom, in which Italy's justice system supposedly realized for the first time that the charges against Mignini were filed in the wrong venue, was actually organized Satanism mocking the world (one of its favorite activities), but especially Italy. This result was planned from the start, and they expect everyone to forget that Mignini ever existed by the time the correct venue also drops the charges.

Another telltale sign of organized Satanism's involvement is the absolute lack of any penetrating investigations by the media, which isn't even asking any of the hundreds of unanswered questions which Knox's supporters raised during the trial, because the only credible answers would require the media to admit the existence of pure evil.

Mignini's "poor unfortunate" butcher Guede was probably assigned, as part of his Satanic pursuit of occult powers (a pursuit which was actually intended by his manipulators - likely pod-people - to give him TO "magical powers," i.e. demonic forces), to murder Kercher in a Satanic "ritual" (i.e. with a knife, followed by sexual arousal, in an attempt to align his sexual instincts with the demonic thought-processes which underlie this region of the human soul), which organized Satanism would then pin on OTHER "sacrificial lambs" (i.e. besides Kercher) in a "witch-hunt," a modern-day Inquisition.  This would explain why Guede wasn't subjected to any abusive "interrogations" as was Knox, even though he if anyone would know who these supposed accomplices were.

I suppose that Guede was arrested, processed, and imprisoned to protect the reputation of the "justice" system.  However, he was ultimately given a very lenient sentence, and he could end up back on the street in a year or so if released early for "good behavior," i.e. obeying his Satanic superiors.

If not for the Herculean efforts of Knox's supporters, she and Sollecito would have spent the rest of her life in prison-hell, so that Mignini could gloat over destroying a couple of young people with potential to do some good, and claim to have finally brought a couple of Satanists to justice and to have proven organized Satanism's fantasy-version of itself, which serves as a distraction from the reality right under our noses, like the invisible man's flatulence.

Rev A: Deleted superfluous sentence at end of 3rd para. from bottom.