Saturday, December 29, 2012

Arrest in subway murder raises more questions

A woman who told police she shoved a man to his death off a subway platform into the path of a train because she has hated Muslims since Sept. 11 and thought he was one was charged Saturday with murder as a hate crime, prosecutors said.
"I pushed a Muslim off the train tracks because I hate Hindus and Muslims ever since 2001 when they put down the twin towers I've been beating them up," Menendez told police, according to the district attorney's office.
from Woman Charged With Murder in NY Subway Shove Death

So, she's dumber than a bag of hammers and has been assaulting Muslims since 2001, and was still out on the street? I suppose that she might have just been lucky and slipped under the NYPD's radar, but because of the interesting coincidences I mentioned previously, I suspect that this arrest is just a way to sweep it under the rug. The fact that someone who supposedly didn't know her supposedly recognized her based on that subway photo is also suspicious.  But because of the media's power to arbitrate reality, I'm going to throw in the towel on this one.

Gaping holes in the subway murder "insanity" cover story

A New York City man was pushed to his death in front of a subway train in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Queens, police said, in the second such fatality this month.
Witnesses said the woman was walking back and forth on the platform, talking to herself, police said. She took a seat alone on a wooden bench near the north end of the platform, and when the train pulled into the station, stood up and approached the victim from behind and pushed him, Browne said.
The suspect fled down two separate staircases to the street.
from N.Y. Man Killed After Being Pushed Onto Subway Tracks

The fact that this "crazy" woman waited for the opportune moment to kill someone who just happened to be a Crowleyan "outcast" (foreigner) on the full Moon, and then fled, indicates that she was not crazy.  The fact that nobody tried to stop her makes me wonder whether the witnesses were part of the murder plot - were they there to give the victim the impression that nobody would be able to get away with something like that? If they were just subway riders, wouldn't they have a selfish interest in turning her over to the police? Would there normally have been a crowd there at that time?  Was this a "ritual" murder by a Satanic cult? Will the "crazy" killer ever be caught and locked away for the rest of her life? She shouldn't be hard to catch.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Interesting coincidences between Newtown nightmare and Queens subway murder

A mumbling woman pushed a 46-year-old man to his death in front of a subway train on Thursday night, the second time this month someone has been killed in such nightmarish fashion, police said.

from Subway Push Victim Was 46-Year Old From India, Police Say

The above map which shows the location of Newtown and Queens (at ends of red line segment) relative to the Earth Grid. [1]   Also of interest is that the Newtown terror occurred essentially on the new Moon, and the Queens terror on the full Moon.


(For the potential significance of ley ley lines in these cases, see my web-page entitled Satanism and the Earth-Grid.)

[1] The image was taken by KSnapshot from the Marble virtual globe application for Linux, which can open and display the Earth Grid kml-type file contained in the UVG Grid kmz-type file, which can be found on Vortex Maps' "Basic Instructions for Exploring the UVG Grid with Google Earth" page.  Although it is convenient to download map-tiles to enhance Marble's basic resolution, it still doesn't have the extreme resolution of Google Earth. So for high resolution, I use Google maps.  

Those with slow internet connections would probably find Wassail very useful for obtaining Marble and other large software packages. (An Ubuntu software package is essentially a customized download of many files required to install and run the desired application on a particular  computer.) Wassail allows Ubuntu software packages to be downloaded on the typical library computer, which typically run Windows 7 and have high-speed internet access. This involves using Synaptic Package Manager to create a "download script" (a list of the required files, often very long), copying the list to a flash drive along with Wassail, and taking the flash drive to the library, plugging it into the computer and running Wassail, which reads the script and downloads the files. Then the files are transferred to the home computer and installed.

Monday, December 24, 2012

NRA proposal rejected by those behind school terrorism

The NRA's proposal to put armed guards in schools strikes me as the only possible solution at this point, considering all the guns and sickos in circulation. So why would anyone oppose it? Who is really behind those protesting against the NRA's recommendations?

The mass trauma caused by horrors such as Newtown are used for advancing certain agendas. So, they serve a purpose to powerful interests who have the ability to trot out looney protesters to shout down rational solutions, and to create the culture which produces these shooters.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Possession by Spirits of Darkness actually not limited to the weak-minded

After stating in a previous post that the Spirits of Darkness can insinuate thoughts, feelings, and will-impulses into normal people, and take possession of weak-minded people, it occurred to me that Rudolf Steiner had indicated in a quote a few posts back that they can even take possession someone qualified to perform research into drugs. (I doubt that they could take possession of an idiot and turn him into a drug researcher.) So, it would seem that the only consideration is how badly they want to control someone, i.e. how useful they would be as a puppet. Therefore, it is possible that Adam Lanza was possessed by them, despite indications that he was considered to be intelligent. However, I no longer believe that it would be necessary in order for him to do what he (or at least his body) did. As I wrote in my previous post, perhaps he perceived those kids as figures in a video game, or perhaps he thought he was doing them a favor, while getting revenge on the society he probably believed had rejected him and relegated him to a bleak future.

The myth of computer privacy on parade in Lanza case

Some of the most important clues about what drove Adam Lanza to mass murder probably sit on the computer that the reclusive, technical-minded 20-year-old used as one of his main contacts with the world, law enforcement authorities said.
from Cybersleuths try to mine Newtown killer Adam Lanza’s hard drive

They should call the NSA, which probably has a copy of every keystroke he ever made in their databases, courtesy of the operating systems they serve up on a silver platter (tarnished and dented, in the case of Linux). But then they can't admit this, and besides, they' probably find that Lanza was a depressed existentialist who had concluded that his life was over and that he might as well commit suicide and get revenge on society for rejecting him, leaving him to face a life without a family of his own. BTW, to the extent that he is responsible, he will experience the pain he has caused, and there's a lot to go around.)

Still, I don't discount the possibility of the Spirits of Darkness insinuating existentialist thoughts into his mind, to ensure that he didn't "go wobbly."  Nor do I discount the possibility that those who spew Darwinian crap are themselves inspired by the Spirits of Darkness, one of whose chief activities is spreading disinformation.

Giggling "Darwinists" (professional liars) should reflect on Newtown

A pair of researchers at the University of Utah have published a paper arguing that our hands did not evolve merely so that our ancestors could perform delicate tasks, but also so that the males of the species could knock the crap out of one another in competition for mates.
from Opposable thumbs for FISTS, not finesse, say bioboffins

They keep fabricating these fantasies to distract us from the fact that Darwinism has been debunked.  Have they considered their potential culpability for convincing Adam Lanza that he would ultimately get away with mass murder?  What's the difference between some PhD spinning Darwinian yarns, and some Spirit of Darkness planting the thought in Lanza's mind, as he gunned down children (as if he were playing a video game) that he was saving them from an existence with no purpose, and perhaps existentialist angst? 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Adam Lanza: Existentialist gone wild?

I'm beginning to wonder whether Adam Lanza's supposed Asperger's diagnosis was accurate. Perhaps he was someone capable of doing what he did without being possessed by the Spirits of Darkness, due to the combination of factors impinging upon him (such as likely existentialist indoctrination and video games). He might have decided that his life was over (his mom was supposedly planning to have him committed), and that he might as well commit suicide and get revenge on society for something he imagined it had done to him.

Still, this doesn't rule out the influence of the Spirits of Darkness, who have the ability to feed us thoughts, emotions, and will-impulses, besides being able to take possession through the force of their will over weak-minded people.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Now they're resorting to the magical "snap"

NEWTOWN, Conn. –  The gunman who slaughtered 20 children and six adults at a Connecticut elementary school may have snapped because his mother was planning to commit him to a psychiatric facility,

Read more

So he "snapped" (it's somewhere in the DSM, I'm sure) as a result of anger alone, and changed from whatever he was (someone who wouldn't hurt a fly), into a raging psychopath? (After all, being capable of doing something so monstrous out of anger at one's mother presupposes a lack of conscience or human instinct.) Supposedly, once you snap, you don't unsnap, and you're can remain in a blind psychopathic rage even as you mow 20 children down with a rifle. It's almost as if he were possessed by rage.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lanza attended Sandy Hook, thus explaining everything

NEWTOWN, Conn. -- The gunman who killed 20 elementary school students in their classrooms had once attended the same school, according to a school administrator and a former classmate.
from Classmate says Adam Lanza attended Sandy Hook school

Case closed - so stop asking all those questions about what medications he was on. Oh, look over there, a nuclear war - and not a moment too soon!

Don't confuse murdered Newtown children with Angels

As indicated in my initial post on the Newtown horror, those who die young have a special mission in the spiritual world which can be accomplished only by those who have died young.  So, to claim that they are Angels, which is a class of beings one step higher than humans, glosses over this important distinction, and tends to dismiss the efforts of the parents who brought them into the world, and who might feel that their efforts were for nothing. 

Before we reincarnate, we have a general idea of what our impending life on Earth will include.  So, it is possible that these children had agreed to take on this mission even before they were born.  This would fall into the category of destiny, which shapes the general outline of our lives while leaving us sufficient freedom to exercise our free will. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Headline seems to equate body with soul

I noticed that a headline on an NBC News article, i.e. "Newtown begins burying 'little souls' lost in school slaughter," seems to equate the body with the soul.  This in turn would seem to reflect an existentialist/Darwinian outlook, in which I suspect the killer was steeped when he took a philosophy course at his local college or university. This might have helped to lay the groundwork for the Satanic Spirits of Darkness, who also want us to believe that we're nothing but accidental combinations of particles which have existed for eternity, somehow. My page on Darwinism (link above) indicates the connection between Darwinism and Satanism.

For a more accurate idea of where their souls can be found, see my initial entry on this subhuman crime.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Prime suspects: Spirits of Darkness

The soul will be made non-existent with the aid of a drug. Taking a "sound point of view," people will invent a vaccine to influence the organism as early as possible, preferably as soon as it is born, so that this human body never even gets the idea that there is a soul and a spirit.
Lecture 5
I have told you that the spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts, in whom they will be dwelling, to find a vaccine that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people's souls when they are still very young,... This is merely to give you a particularly striking example of many things which will come in the near and more distant future in this field, the aim being to bring confusion into the impulses which want to stream down to earth after the victory of the spirits of light.

Lecture 13

from The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness by Rudolf Steiner

Everything I've read about the Newtown shooter indicates that he might have been propelled by our buddies the Spirits of Darkness, who use people for wild orgies of violence and then discard them like a used tissue. The sheer monstrousness of the deed is hard to avoid, and this implies a will other than human. A brain disorder, psychiatric drugs and video games have been mentioned, but I suspect that these just help to get the human will out of the way so that Satanic spirits can move in. For more on this subject, see Andrea Yates and the Spirits of Darkness. They might have found this particular shooter to be useful precisely because he had an arsenal at his disposal. Also note the timing relative to major festivals in honor of Christ and Jehovah.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Their lives, and their parents' efforts, were not in vain

(Reuters) - People in the small Connecticut community of Newtown grieved on Saturday over one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history and police sought answers about what drove a 20-year-old gunman to slaughter 20 children at an elementary school.
from Search for answers begins after school massacre

So, for example, an essential foundation for discovering certain matters was to become fully aware of the conditions of those who died in very early infancy and again of those who died at the ages of 11, 12 or 13. A very great difference in the conditions of life after death is to be observed according to whether death took place before the age of 8 or 9, or before the age of 16 or 17. This is clearly disclosed by certain experiences one can have with the dead. It can be observed that human beings who died during the tenderest years of infancy are very much occupied with the tasks devolving upon mankind during the period immediately following these deaths.
If we investigate this, we come to the souls of children who died in early age. The spirituality there present in the universe is connected with the souls of children who died in infancy. On the other hand, children who died at the ages of 9 or 10 but before they are 16 or 17 are found very soon after death in the company of spiritual beings — but these spiritual beings are human souls. Many of these children are found in the company of human souls, and indeed of those souls who must shortly come down to the Earth, who are awaiting their next incarnation. And so those who die in early infancy, say up to the ages of 7 or 8, are found to be much occupied with human beings here below on the Earth; but those who died between the ages from about to to 15 or 16 are found to be occupied with souls whose endeavour is to incarnate soon. They are vital supporters and helpers, important messengers for what these souls need in order to prepare for their earthly existence. It is important to know this if we want to avoid generalities and are intent upon penetrating into these spiritual worlds.

from The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century, Lecture Seven

Instead of spending a lot of time analyzing the amazing coincidences which facilitated the latest rampage of a terrorist through an American school, I will just point out that such events are fortunately very rare, and that the parents would be proud of their children if they could see them now.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Persecution of DJs distracts from real issues

The two Australian DJs who pulled the prank call on the U.K. hospital where Kate Middleton was staying are now in hiding and may soon have to face police after the death of a nurse caught in the hoax.
from Jacintha Saldanha's Death: Australian DJs Behind Royal Prank May Face Police Probe

This just goes to show how far the Establishment will go to avoid questioning the apparent lack of security given to the Duchess, the obsequiousness toward royalty which caused the nurse to provide details in the first place, and such mortification over a mistake which would ultimately have caused no harm.

The DJs certainly had no malevolent intent, and should not face any prosecution or persecution. They, being irreverent jokers, wouldn't have expected anyone to become so mortified over such a trifle.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The sadistic decarbonators known as "AIDS doctors"

(HealthDay News) – New recommendations propose HIV screening for all individuals aged 15–65 years, and for all pregnant women, according to a draft recommendation statement issued Nov. 20 by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF).
Noting that 20%–25% of the 1.2 million people in the United States living with HIV infection do not know that they are HIV-positive, researchers from the USPSTF drafted a recommendation for HIV screening in the United States.
from HIV Screening Recommended for All 15- to 65-Year Olds

Why would the torturer-murderers called "AIDS doctors" want to expose themselves for what they are by going after a lot of people who actually have a clue? For those who've been living on another planet since the late 80's, I suggest reading Peter Duesberg's book Inventing the AIDS

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Good, evil, freedom, destiny, and necessity

Today when Christ is destined to appear again in the etheric body, when a kind of Mystery of Golgotha is to be experienced anew, evil will have a significance akin to that of birth and death for the fourth post-Atlantean epoch! In the fourth epoch the Christ impulse was born out of the forces of death for the salvation of mankind. We can say that we owe the new impulse that permeated mankind to the event on Golgotha. Thus by a strange paradox mankind is led to a renewed experience of the Mystery of Golgotha in the fifth epoch through the forces of evil.
from The Historical Significance of the Scientific Mode of Thinking
By passing over into the "Age of Light" [in 1900] mankind is exposed to evil in a way never before experienced, in order that he may be enable to find the good.  One could also say that the veil that formerly concealed the spiritual world has been torn aside and that thereby the spiritual beings work directly, unadorned and unreservedly upon human beings. 
from Christ and Antichrist by Peter Tradowsky, p 5

I've long stated that the fake Apocalypse is an aspect of the actual Apocalypse, although I'm not sure I've make myself clear about the sense of this statement.  Although at one level it is intended to usher in a global fascist/Satanic/Orwellian order designed to drive the human spirit out of the world, there are higher levels of spiritual beings with other agendas, as implied by the above quotations. They also imply that Satanism is being used by these higher levels to achieve good purposes over the long term, and that it has been deliberately unleashed at this time by these higher levels. 

On the other hand, I've often felt as if I were being pushed from within to write this blog ("... spiritual beings work directly, unadorned and unreservedly upon human beings ..."), although I no longer feel this pressure, at least as often.  It seems to have been replaced by a sense of uncertainty and hesitancy.

But I thought I should make the existence of this higher agenda more explicit because it's getting closer to crunch time, and I think that providing a higher perspective might give people more of the spiritual perspective they will need to maintain hope. I was considering trying to expound further along these lines, but I realized that I'm not qualified to do so. Luckily for mankind, its fate doesn't depend on whether I can fathom the thoughts of the aforementioned higher spiritual beings who guide us to our destiny, partly through the use of disparate influences.

Microshaft Windows security is just a show

As mentioned previously, my old Windows XP laptop died completely upon rebooting it after a "security update" on 8/15, and Microsoft let me know in unsubtle terms that it had deliberately taken out my computer. I tried to diagnose it, and eventually decided that it wasn't worth the effort and likely cost, and put a higher priority on my plan to migrate to Ubuntu. Because of my situation, the loss of my computer, the subsequent total denial of service by my "ISP" (Transworld Network, whose Satanic nature is written into its terms of service, for those who know how to interpret the clues), and the obvious attempt by organized Satanism (such as its division in Tiger Direct's "customer service" department) to prevent me from obtaining a replacement, made it very difficult for me to recover. 

To help others who are interested in making the switch to Ubuntu, I created a blog (here) that provides the sort of details which a Linux/Ubuntu-neophyte would probably need just to get "off the ground," from which point it would be fairly easy to learn whatever else they need to know. It has become a depository of useful Ubuntu/Linux-related information in general, but it includes the sort of information I needed just to get booted up, to get on the internet, and to make some basic settings, such as text-editor background color, which I assume everyone would want to know to make it easier to use their computer.

While I'm taking a swipe at Microshaft, I should mention that if you're looking for an inexpensive "Linux computer" [1] you can get a mini-PC such as a Zotac without a hard drive, and use a flash drive instead of a disc drive (although you'll want plenty of memory to avoid the need for the OS to swap files between memory and the flash drive, because swapping takes a toll on flash memory). The flash drive would contain a "persistent" installation of Ubuntu, as detailed in my blog (here).

The recovery from the cyber-attack on my computer (launched by the no-soul-agency within the NSA, and mediated by Microshaft), included recovering the data from my old hard drive. To make a long story short, I got an IDE-to-USB adapter/case for about $7.50 (these cases include a tiny circuit board, including ICs, that interfaces the USB connector with the IDE connector), and plugged my old drive into it.  I then plugged the resulting external USB drive into my computer while booted up in Ubuntu. There at my disposal appeared all of the files - no password required. So much for Window's "military-grade" security! If someone were to steal your Windows computer, or its hard drive, they would have NO trouble accessing all of your files (although some of them, such as Word files, might have to be converted to another format), unless you had taken extra precautions. So, despite all of its show of having super-high security, Windows has essentially no security.  It's yet another indication that Microsoft's top priorities are spying on us, sabotaging our computers, and abusing us by making us jump through all kinds of hoops for supposed protection from spies and saboteurs. Sure, it's slick, but I'll a little privacy from Borg Brother over a slick, automated interface, every day. 

[1] There really IS no such thing as a "Linux computer" - there are PCs, which can run Windows or Linux. I suppose there might be some machines which Linux uses more completely than others by virtue of having the right hardware drivers. (A hardware driver is a program that interfaces the OS to the hardware, in addition the hardware drivers provided by the BIOS (which cover all of the typical functions). If a computer has some unusual hardware, such as an advanced video processor, the OS might need the driver that comes with the video processor to be able to make use of its advanced capabilities. But if Linux in general contains drivers that give it more control over certain computers, I guess that would qualify them as "Linux computers."

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Drought solution: decarbonation

While companies in the Great Lakes region and other parts of middle America long counted on water being cheap and plentiful, they now realize they must conserve because finding new water sources is difficult and expensive — if it can be done at all.

"You've got to plan for the worst, and be prepared for that," said Brad Crookshank, the wastewater superintendent for ADM's corn processing plant in Decatur. "There's not a lot of low-hanging fruit for additional water supplies."
from Drought, water scare gets attention of agribusiness giant ADM

But they're probably considering the addition of ethanol-fired distillers for the bodily fluids of useless eaters in their Soylent Green factories.  "NAWAPA? Never heard of it."

Friday, November 16, 2012

Whatever the explanation, it can't be Darwinism

Scientists have made an interesting discovery recently that sheds new light on prehistoric human ancestors and how they hunted food. The scientists have discovered that ancestors to modern man began hunting with spears tipped with sharpened stones 500,000 years ago. The discovery shows that our ancestors were hunting with spears 200,000 years earlier than we previously believed.
from Prehistoric human ancestors hunted with spears half a million years ago

The insinuation behind this piece is that Darwinism is right, since this discovery disproves "creationism."  Neither view is correct - they were both concocted by organized Satanism to foment conflict, as can be seen in the deliberately-polarized comments below the article. 

The mere use of spears 200K years ago doesn't prove anything about how this came to be.  Darwinism has been proven to be so unlikely that it is impossible, so another explanation is required, such as a group-soul consciousness ("hive mind") which controlled these beings like a colony of bees. Even Darwin expressed doubts about "his" theory, which was concocted by the Satanic high command (i.e. the Satanic circles of the British oligarchy) at the beginning of the age of Satan (followed shortly by Nietzsche and Jack the Ripper, i.e. the Golden Dawn's announcement of the dawn of the age of Satan - blatantly depicted by the locations of the murder-scenes), and attributed to Darwin.  (Note that Darwin is buried in Westminster Abbey, which I surmise was part of the deal.) 

Reality, including the reality of evolution, is too complex and bizarre for human comprehension, at least at this stage in our evolution. Darwinism's crude attempt to reduce us all to a conglomeration of particles arranged by chance appeals to gullible, rebellious, and horny youth in search of a justification for rejecting the Old Testament's fraudulent teachings about God imposing morality through terror of eternal torture. (For a scholarly view of the Old Testament, see From Babylon to Jerusalem: The Genesis of the Old Testament here.)  It is partly intended to allow us to disbelieve in the spiritual world (having freedom requires that we be allowed to make mistakes), and partly intended to con them into accepting an existentialist, then Nietzschean, then in some cases Crowleyan/Satanic outlook, with the ultimate attempt of leading them into a combination of Dionysian activity with a contemptuous/nihilistic/sociopathic attitude, which is one of the most likely means for Satanic beings to establish a foothold ("magical powers") in the human soul.  This doesn't mean that it will ultimately lead to demonic possession - there is a variety of Satanic beings who are all inimical to mankind.  However, if SRA is pursued to its ultimate end (repetitive sadism, a.k.a. "ritual" abuse), demonic possession is a possibility.  There isn't much that I can claim to be purely evil, but deliberate torture, including psychological torture with the intent of driving the human spirit out of the world forever, is a prime candidate. 

So, both Darwinism and other types of religious fundamentalism should be shunned on scientific grounds.  We are spiritual beings undergoing an evolutionary process within bounds imposed by higher spiritual beings whose "tough love" can be really tough to bear, and can seem to some of us with insufficient understanding to be evil.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Windows NSA 8 gets its first "security update" two whole weeks after release

Windows 8, available publicly for two weeks now, is getting its first security update Nov. 13. It includes three critical updates; Windows 8 RT, for Microsoft's Surface tablet, has one critical update.
from Windows 8 to get first 'critical' security update

The main thing being updated is the Thought Police's database.  You should just assume that if a computer is online, its operating system is serving up all of your data to the "NSA," i.e. the no-soul agency (i.e. the dirty faction of the NSA hiding behind the actual intelligence agency), and that it can destroy your computer remotely whenever it so desires.

The cover story about Windows NT (N S+A) having been designed to intelligence-agency security standards is wearing a bit thin. Bill Gates was recently said to be "worth" $66 billion, i.e. 66 exp9, i.e. 669 i.e. 666. Note that in Person of Interest, the designer of "The Machine" (which knows everything about everyone) is a geeky billionaire. Subtle.

You might as well get a Chromebook for all of your online activities - at least Google is upfront about storing your data on their databases, and there's no need to worry about those "rogue" hackers which somehow seem to elude the authorities (and Windows "security") for decades.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Darwinism proven again, based on the assumption that it's true (as if the thousands of other "proofs" were insufficient)

"When Africans left Africa and entered Neanderthal territory they had projectiles with greater killing reach," explains Professor Curtis Marean, an expert in stone weapons who was instrumental in the research.
from What made us human? Being ARMED with lethal ranged weapons: Early kill-tech let us beat Neanderthals, dominate world

As much as I appreciate Lewis Page's exposés of
the lies surrounding the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, I'm not going to sit idly by while he supports Satan's key lie known as Darwinism ("What made us human? - spear-chucking!"), which the "scientific" basis for all existentialist philosophies that if true would reduce the universe and us to amazing but ultimately meaningless accidents of the random motion of some supposed eternal particles which have yet to be discovered.  In fact, there are no ultimate particles - just spirit masquerading as particles.

The fact is that Darwinism is a laughingstock amongst actual scientists, who recognized its absurdity as soon as it was hatched by the British oligarchy and fed to the world as Darwin's "great discovery." (See the top of this blog's home page for a link to my page on Darwinism.) It just so happened to appear at the beginning of the age of Satan, shortly followed by Nietzsche's "philosophy" and the announcement of said age by the Ripper (i.e. The Golden Dawn's leadership), in London's impoverished area a stone's throw from Mammon's capital, the City of London (London's financial district).

Satanism was actually born when man obtained free will, and Satan set about to seize it by feeding us lies, probably sometime in the intellectual-soul era. It evolved in great secrecy over the centuries and reared its ugly head for the first time most apparently within the Venetian oligarchy, thus explaining the likes of Paolo Sarpi [1] and Amanda Knox's Grand Inquisitor Giuliano Mignini. Darwinism is one of its biggest lies (note the characteristic materialism - "you're nothing but particles"), which not coincidentally made its appearance at the beginning of its mass-recruitment phase.

This doesn't mean that you're going to Hell for having sex without being married, or even that God would condemn anyone to eternal torture. But this isn't a license to cultivate loveless abandonment to your sexual instincts, in which others are essentially used as sex toys, because this is probably the main way that Satanic beings get their foot in the door, and start to turn you into their tool in their war against mankind.

[1] Marlowe's Faustus on Sarpi: "Go, and return an old Franciscan friar: That holy shape becomes a devil best." It was Sarpi who devised certain of "Calvin's" and "Luther's" doctrines, such as that of salvation via grace, which is a license to commit evil, and implies that God loves evil-doers but not their victims. That's why He created karma, which can SEEM like eternal Hell.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Is it a hard job? Maybe too hard for any government?

Officials say thousands of New Yorkers left without heat after Superstorm Sandy might need to leave their homes as temperatures plummet, but it's not clear where they'll go.
from New York faces 'massive housing problem' after Sandy, governor says

This is just the beginning of a Haiti-like ordeal for many of these people. When the destruction of civilization is the main agenda, there can be no good solution for them, from the perspective of a sane humanist. Some lucky ones will get the help they need, but many will be consigned to one hellish situation after another. Our government, or the organizations which we believe to BE our government, will concentrate on blowing smoke to "explain" their "failure."  It can send our military to the other side of the planet for a decade, but it won't be able to help these people.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricane Sandy exposes myth of "war on terror"

(Reuters) - Most New York City schools reopened and millions of commuters fought huge crowds on public transportation on Monday, a week after superstorm Sandy devastated the U.S. Northeast and created lingering hardship for disaster victims as winter sets in.
Living conditions remained severe for tens of thousands of people unable to return to their homes, and some 1.4 million homes and businesses were due to endure another night of near-freezing temperatures without power or heat.
from Sandy still causing nightmare commute, housing crisis

What would we have done if some "Islamic terrorist" had set off a dirty bomb in NYC?  It would have been uninhabitable, so why weren't there any plans for such a contingency, such as mass evacuation centers?  Did our government somehow know that it really wouldn't happen, because IT runs "Islamic terrorism?" 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Excuses of the decarbonators

   A Decarbonator

On the eve of the meeting, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble insisted that Greece and other highly-indebted members of the eurozone had to continue with austerity programs. In a bid to deflect criticism from other major powers, he said the G-20 should not focus exclusively on the eurozone but should direct attention to the “fiscal cliff” in the US—the massive spending cuts to be initiated after the presidential election—and the mounting debt problems in Japan. “The United States and Japan bear as great a responsibility for (ensuring stability) as we Europeans,” he stated.

from New Turn in the Euro Zone Financial Crisis

So says the free-market dictatorship that ordered the creation of bottomless pits of bogus debt to be foisted on humanity at the point of a gun to "justify" their blood-sucking.  Note that they seem incapable of comprehending the fact that attempting to pay unpayable debt, in the name of saving the economy, will destroy the economy. In fact, they always intended to destroy the economy, and have just switched from the bubble-blowing phase to the blood-sucking phase. Their economic plan boils down to planetary depopulation, and "global warming" is just another excuse for such "decarbonation." 

So, it's important to realize that God intends mankind to continue to exist, and that we therefore will, although we will disappear for a while before returning in a higher form. It's also important to keep solving problems, to listen to our gut and our conscience, and to avoid taking any wooden messiahs who would have us believe that this phase of the Apocalypse is its entirety, when in fact the real Apocalypse will last tens of thousands of years and will have little resemblance to the British oligarchy's Fundy "interpretation" of Revelation.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Did Obama say something about victory over Al Qaeda?

During the height of Iraq's civil war, neighbouring Syria was a sanctuary for Iraqis - but as the Syrian conflict has intensified, Iraqi refugees have again been forced to flee, this time back to their homeland, as the BBC's Caroline Hawley reports from Baghdad.
The country they are returning to is significantly safer than the one they left. But bomb attacks are common, and there are fears that al-Qaeda in Iraq is now regrouping.

Virtually every day police officers or government officials are assassinated using guns equipped with silencers.

Baghdad is a city of blast walls and checkpoints. But the tight security too often fails.
from Iraq: No escape from danger for returning refugees

What we need is a war on terror.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Taliban: US dirty-faction's partners in the Af-Pak reign of terror

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Police say Taliban militants have pulled five Afghan civilians off a bus in eastern Afghanistan and shot them dead.
from Afghans: Taliban kill 5 civilians grabbed off bus
But the journalist who originally made the revelation to President Karzai [i.e. that British Special Ops had been seen delivering Taliban terrorists via helicopter to various locations], and was preparing another article about similar transport of militants by helicopter from Afghanistan to Xinjiang in western China, has in the meantime been shot by British military forces under mysterious circumstances.
from British Kill Afghan Journalist Who Exposed Their Double Game in Afghanistan

However, only in 1994—almost 15 years after the Soviet invasion began—did the world come to know about the rising force called the Taliban. Afghanistan had never had a politico-religious group of that name, nor had Afghans even heard about the group before. The Taliban was created as a handmaiden of outside forces, including:

• Saudi Arabia, which indoctrinated a group of Afghans by funding the establishment of thousands of madrassas inside Pakistan;
• The Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), which acted at the behest of Islamabad to gain control of Kabul through a proxy and dependent rag-tag group; and
• British intelligence, which saw the Taliban as a potent ally that would further British interests in Afghanistan and Central Asia by undermining all sovereign nationstates.
• All this, while Washington watched the development from a distance, essentially encouraging it.

To be precise, the Taliban is a laboratory product, created to unleash instability throughout the area. The instability is essential for the empire builders, and those who know how the British Empire was built in the 18th and 19th centuries, would recognize the phenomenon in a flash.
It also became evident in 2001, when the U.S. Special Forces, with the help of the Tajik-Uzbek-Hazara dominated Northern Alliance, breezed through Afghanistan and took control of the whole country in six weeks, that the Taliban could not fight. Although the Bush Administration did not divulge it at the beginning, IT SOON BECAME PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE THAT WASHINGTON HAD ALLOWED THE PAKISTANI GOVERNMENT TO RESCUE THOUSANDS OF AFGHAN TALIBAN, PAKISTANI ADJUNCTS OF THE TALIBAN, PAKISTANI ISI AND ARMY OFFICERS, AL-QAEDA VOLUNTEERS, AND ISLAMIC MOVEMENT OF UZBEKISTAN (IMU) MEMBERS FROM THE NORTHERN AFGHAN CITY OF KUNDUZ. It is almost a replay of how the bin Laden family members were spirited out of the United States, just hours after the 9/11 attacks, when the entire airspace of the United States was under lockdown.

The defeated Taliban and al-Qaeda had fled to Kunduz after losing battles across the north of the country, and many were surrendering. But then, something inexplicable happened. Over a three-day period, Pakistani military planes made non-stop flights in and out of the Kunduz airport, which was controlled by the Taliban. All the important Taliban commanders and Pakistanis escaped along a safe-flight corridor, supposedly guaranteed by the Americans. That airlift, which American soldiers called “Operation Airlift of Evil,” made the Northern Alliance soldiers livid. The Indian government sent diplomatic protest notes to the American and British governments. The Kunduz airlift story became available to the world much later, when a high-level CIA officer, Gary Berntsen, who was reportedly the second-in-command during the operation, described it in his book.
from Look Who Created the Taliban: Saudi Arabia and the Brits
by Ramtanu Maitra (to find article, Google title)

I'm assuming that the "Taliban" who committed this crime (and it was simply cold-blooded murder - no honorable warrior would do such a thing) are the variety that work for the British empire with the purpose of "unleashing instability," as stated in the above excerpt. As in the case of the attempted murder of Malala Yousufzai (the Pakistani girl crusader for girls' education), it seems like something intended to provoke "reprisals" by the small US Sat, uh, dirty faction, which of course won't kill those responsible, since they're actually working with their ostensible enemies, and waging war on mankind together with a false narrative superimposed upon it by the government and media.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Why Cheney's former lackey Victoria Nuland hates Daniel Casillo

The man who unwittingly breached John F. Kennedy Airport's state-of-the art security system after his jet ski failed in New York's Jamaica Bay was trying to get caught as a way to be rescued.

"I didn't mean to do this, but I exposed something really important, and that's a flaw in security," Daniel Casillo told ABC News Tuesday.
from Jet Skier Who Exposed JFK Airport's Security Tried to Get Caught
After forcefully denying it last week, State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland admitted yesterday that a British private security company, the Blue Mountain Group, was contracted by the State Department to provide security for the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, where the U.S. Ambassador and other Americans were murdered on Sept. 11.

According to's "Danger Room," the State Department signed a contract with Blue Mountain on May 3 to provide security for the consulate, even though Blue Mountain is not on the State Department's list of approved contractors for diplomatic security.
from British SAS-linked Firm Was in Charge of "Security" at Benghazi Consulate

Obama's "disposition matrix," a secretly-crafted killing list, is now the centerpiece of Obama's counter-insurgency policy, and the killing operations are likely to be extended at least another decade, the Washington Post reports today, citing unnamed senior Obama Administration officials.
from Drone Killings: Obama Trying To Lock-in the Policy for Future Administrations

What Daniel Casillo exposed is the fact that the US  is not threatened by any terrorists which the British empire (which includes the US governement) doesn't control - including in Libya. 

The article on Obama's intent to perpetrate the drone-terror policy into the foreseeable future supports my claim that the "war on terror" is actually a reign of terror.

So, British imperial spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, a holdover from Cheney administration, is no doubt rather PO'd at Casillo for exposing a bit of the reality behind the "war on terror" illusion, and I suspect that that the incident will be swept under the rug as quickly as possible.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Counter-attacks" for Benghazi attack predicted

In a column entitled "U.S. Justice Likely Coming Soon to Benghazi with Extrajudicial Executions," he points out that, in searching for a response to the 9/11-Two attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Obama has no intention of taking any prisoners and subjecting them to due process. As reported by AP, yesterday, the U.S. will "simply target the suspects with U.S. covert action," which means execute them without any due process at all.
from Greenwald: Expect Obama To Kill in Benghazi....

My instant reaction to the news of the attack was that it was intended to "justify" a wave of "counter"-[>96>666] terror, i.e. "misdirected" Satanic terror deliberately aimed at people who had nothing to do with the attack, which is the fundamental stuff of this "war."  Tarpley's article referenced a couple of posts back lifts the curtain on the neo-con groups who are choreographing this "war" by running terrorism of all flavors, as well as by fanning the flames of hatred against their impending targets. For example, he implies that John Bolton was behind the recent notorious video which was supposedly the motive for the Benghazi attack. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Assad" conveniently provides more impetus to invade Syria

BEIRUT—Lebanon's capital was rattled Friday by its most destructive bombing in nearly four years, killing an intelligence chief who has been a longtime adversary of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and stoking fears that Lebanon is being drawn into the war in neighboring Syria.
from Beirut Blast Fans Fears That Syria War Is Spreading

Well, this couldn't have been another example of organized Satanism waging war on mankind and using its media to blame its next target, since anyone who values their internet connection, and knows what's good for them in general, knows that organized Satanism doesn't exist, and that Christ is about to wipe out organized Satanism (despite its nonexistence) and set up an Earthly kingdom despite his clear statement in the New Testament that his kingdom is not physical.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Benghazi attack fits pattern of "War on Terror"

To Libyans who witnessed the assault and know the attackers, there is little doubt what occurred: a well-known group of local Islamist militants struck the United States Mission without any warning or protest, and they did it in retaliation for the video.
At a news conference the day after the ambassador and three other Americans were killed, a spokesman for Ansar al-Shariah praised the attack as the proper response to such an insult to Islam. “We are saluting our people for this zeal in protecting their religion, to grant victory to the prophet,” the spokesman said. “The response has to be firm.”
from Election-Year Stakes Overshadow Nuances of Libya Investigation

In other words, these "Islamic fundamentalists" are admitting their willingness to kill people who had nothing to do with creating the video or any supposed responsibility for suppressing it. (What about the Arabic media's responsibility for suppressing it? Weren't they the ones that did so much to make it widely known in the Muslim world?) This just goes to illustrate my characterization of the "war on terror" as "misdirected" tit-for-tat terrorism committed by the Devil's henchmen pretending to be fighting each other, but actually killing innocents in their crossfire.  For an article with more details than you probably care to know, which supports my position, see Romney campaign, CIA Mormon Mafia both responsible for Benghazi attack.  Tarpley's "Mormon Mafia" designation is probably a reference to yet another group of Devil's advocates hiding behind a facade of piousness. and have also been covering this terrorist attack in detail, and point the finger at the same evil crowd, which was also behind the Al Majalah massacre.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Another Ubuntu blog (Rev A)

(Rev A)

After my experience with recovering from the NSA dirty-ops (even their "clean" ops are "black") cyber-attack, I realized that someone needs to clarify the process of getting going with Ubuntu, so I decided to create just such a blog, and here it is. As of this writing, the format has a problem, and I'll work on it.


The format has been changed, and all of the posts have been reworked and reorganized into a single post.  I think it's ready for public consumption.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Satanic sacrifice in Benghazi

Sept. 24—Within days of the mass circulation of Lyndon LaRouche's statement, demanding Obama's immediate impeachment for his complicity in a new 9/11, and for ignoring specific warnings of a possible attack in Benghazi, Libya (see last issue), the White House coverup of the truth about the attack on the U.S. consulate there, began to unravel. The most noticeable shift was when, on Sept. 20, White House press spokesman Jay Carney was forced to admit that the Sept. 11 killing of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other U.S. employees was an act of terrorism. Just days earlier, he and U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice had been desperately claiming that the attack was a spontaneous act of mob violence in response to a pathetic anti-Islam movie trailer posed on YouTube, and not a premeditated attack on the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001.

from Obama's Coverup of Benghazi, New 9/11, Starts To Collapse

The purpose of this attack appears to have been to fan the American public’s anger toward Islam in general in order to gain our tacit approval for “reprisals” (“misdirected” terrorism with innocents as victims – you know, the stuff of the War on Terror reign of terror) although as usual, precise motive is essentially impossible to know.  The attack was supposedly triggered by that disgusting anti-Islam video, although it’s more insulting to the average Muslim to believe that it was the trigger. Instead, it shows how stupid organized Satanism thinks we are, or wants the rest of the world to believe we are, which we would have to be in order to believe that Muslims would respond in such a manner to a hate-video produced by an American slimeball.  The other, less violent “protests” were obviously staged.

The attack itself bore the hallmarks of a typical Satanist sneak attack with overwhelming force, merciless brutality, and with little if any risk to the perpetrators (its “revaluated” notion of valor), as in the case of night raids and drone attacks (as epitomized by the Al Majalah massacre.  Such attacks are the most likely cause of genuine Muslim outrage.

Monday, August 27, 2012

When thought-police attack: Fascism in the form of remote computer sabotage and Internet-access denial

On 8/15, my computer was disabled by a Microsoft Windows "security update,' undoubtedly at the behest of NSA dirty-ops. Luckily, my blog was not deleted, so far. I called Microsoft and got a lame cover story, to the effect that the update interacted with some software I had installed.  So, I got a Linux-based computer, only to find that my ISP (TransWorld Network) had begun to blatantly, deliberately deny me internet access and to refuse to answer my calls. Up to that point, it had only been abusing me intermittently. Seems like an odd way to treat a "crackpot."

It was probably no coincidence that one of the Burn Notice episodes rerun that evening involved an attempt by the NSA on the life of the series' protagonist, Michael Weston, who had been trying to learn why he had been "burned" and by whom.

I might be back eventually, although only time will tell how thoroughly our diabolical, Venetian-style secret Orwellian government controls internet access.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bureaucratic criminal negligence causes stress, which triggers calls for mental health treatment in the victims

(Reuters Health) - Months after the meltdown at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, workers there and at a nearby plant that remained intact were still suffering high rates of stress and depression, according to a new study that points to multiple sources of trauma.
One of the study researchers said those effects could be due to explosions at the plant and other workplace stressors during the emergency, which lasted weeks, as well as to the workers' fears of losing family, friends and their homes.
"No case of acute health problems has been reported so far; however, assessments of the long-term effect of radiation requires ongoing monitoring of exposure and the health conditions of the affected communities," they concluded.
from High distress seen in Japanese nuclear plant workers

Another possible source of stress is the realization that a couple of bureaucrats in their government had been warned about the danger years in advance, and had just ignored and buried the warning, and are now not even being identified. Instead, the entire Japanese engine of progress, which is responsible for the post-WWII Japanese economic miracle, has been blamed.  If those bureaucrats had taken the warning seriously, the much maligned engine of progress would have prepared as much as humanly possible for the tsunami, and the consequences would have been far less severe. But instead, the very impetus for progress was blamed for their decision to ignore and bury the warning! Perhaps something else, such as the British empire's desire to use Fukushima Daiichi as an example of the "inherent risks" of nuclear energy, was behind their decision. The disaster was certainly used in that manner.

But note that buried at the end of the article, after the calls for "mental health treatment" ("happy pills," although no calls for sanity from the US government, which is threatening civilization), is the admission that nobody became sick due to radiation as a result of Fukushima Daiichi being destroyed by the tsunami. So, where is the justification for banning nuclear power globally?

The last throes of August 2012

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Suicide attacks involving as many as 14 bombers struck an Afghan city Tuesday, and a motorcycle bomb exploded in a busy market in blasts that killed at least 46 people altogether— the year's deadliest day for civilians in Afghanistan.
from Bombs kill at least 46 in deadly Afghanistan day

Well, any decent Satanic reign of terror (disguised as a "fragile victory" over "Islamic" terrorism) does require a certain terror-rhythm, and of course plenty of "collateral damage" in the follow-up raids on "the terrorists."

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Is bombing drone-strike respondents actually intended to conceal the reality?

Visiting the site of an airstrike in the southern town of Jaar that took place in May, reporters interviewed eye-witnesses who said an American aircraft destroyed a house on the main street, killing one man inside. But when dozens of civilians rushed to the scene, another strike hit.
Neither the US government, nor the Yemeni government will comment on these airstrikes or the casualties associated with them.
In a hospital near Jaar, NPR spoke to a young boy who was injured and badly burned from the May airstrike. Another man Ali Al Amoudi said a strike “hit his house and three others just a few weeks ago in the town of Shaqra, just down the road from Jaar. His 4-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter were hit. They died in his arms on the way to the hospital.”
from US Airstrikes in Yemen Kill Civilians, Survivors Vow Revenge Against America

It seems to me that the purpose of the follow-up strikes is to prevent people from providing firsthand accounts of who is actually killed in these strikes.  One of the few cases in which we were able to verify who was actually killed was the case of Anwar al-Awlaki's son, who was killed while having an going-away barbecue outdoors at night (see this entry). So, based on this incident, the effect of drone strikes is to create a fear of attending any sort of gathering, i.e. to destroy society, or what Obama's drone-targeting coven smirkingly calls "crowd kills," and follow-up strikes would seem to be intended to conceal this.

By the way, note how these drone strikes, to which more Americans are beginning to object as they get a whiff of the reality (thanks largely to Jeremy Scahill and NPR) have tapered off now that the election is approaching.  At least I haven't seen any reports lately. It's interesting how this supposedly imperative activity can be discontinued when it threatens Obama's popularity just before an election.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

While supposedly searching for Darwinian evolution, NASA's Curiosity disproves it

Curiosity will search for evidence that Mars may once have held the necessary building blocks for microbial life to evolve [implicitly via Darwinian evolution, considering the source].
from Nasa Mars landing: Curiosity arrives on the Red Planet (British empire's Daily Telegraph, 8/6/12)
On Monday, Curiosity proved again that it did. The odds were against a successful landing. Historically, more than half of all Mars missions have failed.
So NASA pulled out all the superstitious stops.
Mission Control engineers munched Mars bars and snacked on traditional "good luck peanuts." The label on official Curiosity peanut jars said "Dare Mighty Things."
from Exploring the Martian surface once more
Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.
Teddy Roosevelt

There's nothing like dedicating oneself to a challenging goal to develop latent mental powers, like physical exercise develops latent physical powers.  The mind-boggling feat of delivering Curiosity in perfect condition to the surface of Mars not only constituted a tremendous mental exercise, but it indicates that those who accomplished it had previously been exposed to such a "project orientation," and probably early in their lives as part of their education, so that a scientific mode of thinking had become ingrained in them, and they had become confident in their powers to set realistic goals that "push the envelope" and achieve them, especially demonstrated in their decision to use an untested landing procedure (to "dare mighty things").

Although few of us will ever participate at such a high level, each of us should dedicate himself or herself to creating something which requires the application of physical principles in order to develop our own consciousness-soul. Even if it doesn't work out, we learn a lot, including about ourselves, and we develop confidence in our ability to pursue goals and overcome failure. This, and not just water, is why the great project known as NAWAPA is so important for mankind. Not coincidentally, this is partly why the British empire wants to prevent us from building it, and to reduce NASA to a shadow of its former self, before it becomes too obvious that Satan's attempt to make glorified monkeys of us is a lie.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our British "allies" in the "war on terror" actually RUN terrorism

Senior Council on Foreign Relations fellow Ed Husain has hailed the presence of Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria, praising their fighting prowess in aid of FSA rebels while also lauding the increasing number of successful bombings carried out by Al-Qaeda fighters.
from CFR Strategist Praises Al-Qaeda Bombings In Syria

(The CFR poses as a think-tank but gets its policies from London.)
Three NATO troops have died in eastern Afghanistan in what local officials say was an attack by two suicide bombers.
from Suicide Bombers Kill 3 NATO Troops in Afghanistan
Fearing exposure of the double game with the Taliban they have been playing in Afghanistan, the British appear to have killed the journalist who was exposing it. 
from British Kill Afghan Journalist Who Exposed Their Double Game in Afghanistan

In other words, the Nietzschean/Satanist faction of the British military was helping the Taliban to kill American soldiers. This demonstrates how this evil faction divides itself up into "opposing" groups which pretend to be fighting each other, while actually attacking members of the human race. This also explains the mysterious resiliency of terrorist groups, and how "previously unknown" terrorist groups appear fully developed as if out of nowhere. It's not called "Londonistan" for nothing.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

British tool admits that al Qaeda is a fellow tool

Senior Council on Foreign Relations fellow Ed Husain has hailed the presence of Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria, praising their fighting prowess in aid of FSA rebels....
from CFR Strategist Praises Al-Qaeda Bombings In Syria

It is hard to believe that someone in such a position would write such a thing, but then, we've known for over a decade that al Qaeda is just another tool in the oligarchy's collection, along with, for example, their CFR (3 6 9) strategists and "free market" economists. In fact, al Qaeda's efforts to ignite a nuclear world war can be seen as an effort to "explain" the failure of these same economists.

I especially liked the article's wry allusion to 1984 and the Memory Hole.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Predator drone strikes in US

(Reuters) - The gunman who killed six worshipers at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin was identified as a 40-year-old U.S. Army veteran and authorities said they were investigating possible links to white supremacist groups and his membership in skinhead rock bands.
from Sikh temple gunman was ex-soldier linked to racist group

Well, he REALLY, REALLY BELIEVED that there was a terrorist among the crowd, so he was just trying to prevent a terrorist attack.  He was using the same criteria used for assigning drone targets.

Obama, the pride of Kenya, uses Mars landing for ratings-boost

"Tonight, on the planet Mars, the United States of America made history," President Obama said in a statement. "The successful landing of Curiosity – the most sophisticated roving laboratory ever to land on another planet – marks an unprecedented feat of technology that will stand as a point of national pride far into the future. It proves that even the longest of odds are no match for our unique blend of ingenuity and determination."
from President Obama hails NASA's Curiosity Mars rover landing

British puppets say the darndest things when they want to be the next "President" and preside over the destruction of civilization.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another distraction from Fast and Furious?

With the release of Part I of the final report of the House Oversight Committee investigation of Fast and Furious, more leads have emerged that the White House may have been involved in Operation Fast and Furious from its inception in March 2009. 
from Indications Emerge of White House Involvement in Fast and Furious
(Reuters) - A gunman killed six people and critically wounded three at a Sikh temple during Sunday services before police shot him dead, and the attack is being treated as domestic terrorism, police said.
President Barack Obama said he was "deeply saddened" and pledged his administration's commitment to fully investigate the shooting.
from Seven dead, including gunman, in shooting at Wisconsin Sikh temple

And of course it would be too busy to answer petty questions about Fast and Furious.

Maglev PRT IS a possibility after all

I did a little digging into the feasibility of maglev PRT (personal rapid transit) a while back and concluded that since nobody has devised a system yet, that it's probably not feasible to do so. Well, it turns out that Applied Levitation, LLC  HAS devised a feasible approach, and I don't know why I didn't find it during my previous attempt to find one. I don't think I did anything differently in my search this time around.

It appears, then, that the only thing between us and the transportation system of the 21st century is the ongoing economic crisis, which according to CBS News in this report, is due to a lack of demand. In fact, it's due to decades of the British empire's war on civilization and mankind. The way to win that war is to follow LaRouche's program, which starts with dumping British puppet Obama and the vast amounts of bogus debt created precisely in order to saddle us with unpayable debt and strangle the economy.  It then calls for adopting a truly American approach to economics, by creating a NATIONAL (not CENTRAL) bank dedicated to the common good (as opposed to the common evil of the oligarchy's central banks), and having it issue vast amounts of credit for projects that produce the most "bang for the buck" in terms of basic physical return, i.e. water, power, transportation, etc.  LaRouche's vision includes a vast transportation system known as the Land Bridge, along which would be build new cities of optimal size, powered by nuclear energy, and in many cases supplied by water from NAWAPA.

Satan's swarms in Syria put into perspective

Reuters reported this evening that Obama had signed a secret "Presidential finding" authorizing US support for Syrian rebels; it broadly permists the CIA and other government agencies to provide support to help them oust Assad. But indications are that in order to provide them weapons, Obama would have to approve a supplement, known as a "memorandum of notification," and apparently has not done so.
from Obama Authorizes Support for Syria's Bloody Butchers
"They were dragged out to be executed in a small, dusty courtyard in blazing sunlight. The victims were half-naked, dazed, their underwear soaked in blood, their legs bleeding from TORTURE inflicted earlier. The expectant crowd, some armed with guns, others holding up mobile phones to take what were presumably trophy photos, were baying for execution.
"'God is greatest,' rang out the calls among the blood-lusting spectators. 
from Syrian Rebel Atrocities Exposed in Major US Media

In other words, they're Satanists (i.e. some variety of Nietzschean "superman," with a supposed duty to run roughshod over "mere" humans, which is their rationale for SRA), graduating to a more advanced stage of SRA, with a thin veneer of Islamic fundamentalism. By this point in their devolution to pod-people, they would already have some compulsion to destroy, torment, torture, and kill.

I suspect that the Assad regime is not pure as the driven snow, and perhaps has its own Satanist faction which has provoked hatred against the regime and in particular against their scapegoat Assad, who would be powerless against this suspected Satanist faction. So, from this perspective, the invasion by London's Satanic swarms posing as "Islamic fundamentalist freedom fighters" (an oxymoron, considering their supposed goal of imposing Sharia law), whose actual goal is chaos and ultimately a world war sprinkled with nuclear explosions, could be construed as an extension of the "war on terror," which has always been a war on civilization and mankind perpetrated by "opposing" groups of Satanists who attack civilians as proxies for each other by "accident" or with some lame excuse.  This includes civilians who have been driven into the arms of British/Satanic "Islamic" terrorist controllers by US atrocities, to be used as cannon-fodder, such as suicide bombers.  The latter-referenced article above contains some interesting insights into "suicide" bombings using these groups' captives.

LPAC's coverage of this "war" has been much more detailed lately and is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to understand it.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

How's that "ongoing investigation" into Daniel Chong's ordeal going?

Just a reminder that the supposed "ongoing investigation" into Daniel Chong's torture at the hands of Satanists using the DEA as cover is actually an ongoing cover-up. There never was an investigation, because they knew all along that it was deliberate, and they pretended to be investigating it just to buy time until we forgot about it. I suppose that his lawsuit is moving forward at a snail's pace in hopes that Obama, whose administration is openly supporting the Satanic horde which is invading Syria (and getting in quite a bit of advanced SRA in the process) will start a nuclear war before Chong can collect a dime.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Batman" massacre as another major distraction (Rev A)

(Rev A: see Notes)
Holmes, 24, was charged on Monday with 24 [>6] counts of first-degree murder and 116 [11-6] counts of attempted murder [how did they arrive at this number?] in the shooting at a midnight screening of the latest "Batman" movie in suburban Denver, one of the worst outbursts of U.S. gun violence in recent years.
Police and prosecutors, who have also been reluctant to comment on the case since the judge issued his gag order, could not be reached by Reuters for comment on Wednesday evening.
Police have not offered a motive for the shooting rampage 
from Psychiatrist warned university about accused Colorado gunman: report

My previous conclusion regarding the so-called "Batman" massacre, i.e. that it was perpetrated by organized Satanism (which is apparently framing James Holmes for it) continues to be borne out by subsequent developments. The motive is partly to keep us preoccupied with solving some Ripper-like puzzle, and I'm not going to fall into that trap any more than I already have.

Those who care about Holmes should demand irrefutable proof of the claims against him, instead of assuming that the various law-enforcement agencies are making a good-faith effort to hold the guilty accountable. The public needs to have an opportunity to examine Holmes' state of mind.  (He was evidently brainwashed, which is a form of Orwell's "obliteration of the self" - go here for more.)

As to whether the shrink really did issue a warning about Holmes, I suspect it's just more "evidence" against him, along with the supposed notebook which we're not allowed to see, ostensibly to protect the privacy of this "undoubted" mass-killer. (How many people do you have to kill before losing one's supposed privacy-protections?  Whose privacy is really being protected?)

If I were to delve into this case in greater detail, I'd have to wade through a lot of BS, because this smells like one of organized Satanism's major disinformation campaigns, such as the epic slime-job it did on Amanda Knox. This case is apparently quite similar to hers (framing an innocent person for a crime committed by Satanists, which seems to happen quite a bit), although the apparent victim in this case was evidently brainwashed (again, as defined here), and he might have been the shooter, but because he was brainwashed and TURNED INTO a psycho killer. In fact, the Batman massacre and the subsequent Holmes trial might have been intended as a replacement for the Knox case, which was partly intended as a huge distraction from our government's evil machinations, as indicated by the State Department's blatant disregard for Knox's welfare.

Rev A: Largely rewritten.  I was falling-down tired when I wrote the original version, and didn't realize how bad it was.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The New Dick Cheney, elder statesman

Former Vice President Dick Cheney says it was a mistake for Republican Sen. John McCain to pick Sarah Palin as his vice presidential nominee.
from Cheney says picking Palin for VP was a mistake

Dick Cheney ... Dick Cheney.  Where have I heard that name before?  Oh, that's right, he was a Vice President at one time, but I don't remember much else about him.  I guess he's some kind of a political genius.

Romney's not enough of a glad-handing monster to be Prime Minister of the USA

(CNN) – Robert Gibbs, senior adviser to President Barack Obama's re-election campaign, argued Sunday that Mitt Romney's recent trip to London was an embarrassment.
"Mitt Romney wondered aloud whether London was ready for the Olympics, and I think it's clear that voters in this country wonder aloud whether Mitt Romney is ready for the world," Gibbs said on ABC's "This Week."
from Gibbs: Romney embarrassed the U.S. in London

We'd much rather have a "President" who can sincerely pretend to care about the relatives of victims of a "lone nut" massacre of Americans that conveniently distracted us from his administration's massacres on behalf of the British empire, such as the one at Al Majalah, Yemen, and the multitude of massacres carried out in Mexico with guns supplied through Fast and Furious.  Go ahead and try to find a reference to the Al Majalah massacre in the "official news." It's been sent down the Memory Hole.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Image of Holmes as brainwashed patsy emerging

It is now clear the Colorado shooting is a staged event. It mirrors previous shootings, including the assassination of Robert Kennedy blamed on the drugged patsy Sirhan Sirhan.
from Overwhelming Evidence Mounts Indicating Colorado Shooting Staged
"Brainwashing," as we define it here, is an international crime under the Nuremburg Law. This crime is today widely practiced in the U.S.A. in particular, not only by the intelligence services themselves, but with the complicity of agencies ranging from the World Bank through the National Institute of Health, and including major universities and medical institutions. Furthermore, evidence of this crime is no secret; much of the evidence needed to identify and convict these new Nuremburg criminals is openly available in material published in the public domain!
For purposes of general definition there is a virtual boundary line at which the clinical diagnosis of ''extreme coercive influence'' ends and the diagnosis of "brainwashing" begins. Brainwashing as we use the term here, signifies a qualitative change in the mental processes of an individual, as precise as the distinction between mere neurosis and a hardened paranoid-schizophrenic condition.
from Rockefeller's 1984-Plot

The latter excerpt is from one of the articles posted to my Campaigner Unbound website, which contains quite a selection of related articles. They are some of the best articles I've seen on the subject.

So, it seems that we've identified James Holmes' species, but what still remains to be identified is the purpose of the massacre for which he is a patsy.  I have suggested that it was perpetrated by organized Satanism, including members within the FBI, and that it was intended as a distraction from Fast and Furious, among other things, and as a proclamation of a "dark night rising."

Is David Letterman getting enough ascorbic acid?

Although many factors go into bone strength, one factor it has in common with heart disease is ascorbic acid.  For more information on on this subject, see this page.      

By the way, ascorbic acid is very hard on teeth. Linus Pauling recommended combining 1 part baking soda with 2 parts ascorbic acid in a small amount of water, so that it fizzes (I give it a couple of minutes) and the acidity is neutralized, before adding more water and drinking it.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Holmes (supposedly) under psychiatric care, yet (supposedly) allowed to buy guns, vest, etc.

(Reuters) - A former University of Colorado graduate student accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58 others in a shooting rampage at a Denver-area movie theater last week had been under the care of a psychiatrist who was part of a campus threat-assessment team.
from Colorado shooting suspect was under psychiatrist's care

But we have been told that he was able to purchase guns and ammo, a gas mask and even a bullet-resistant vest (which I thought were reserved for law-enforcement officials).  

MSM again relegates possession to the Twilight Zone

(Rev A - see Notes)

James Holmes: The Devil Made Him Do It implies that James Holmes perpetrated the "Batman massacre" alone, and it makes the following claims and insinuations, based on supposed insights provided by an anonymous supposed exorcist, without providing any evidence:

A) That demonic possession is rare, and resembles schizophrenia. This reflects organized Satanism's tactic of mischaracterizing itself and its subsidiary activities in order to hide them in plain sight. In fact, it is not so rare, and it would probably manifest itself as a propensity to torment, torture, kill and destroy in a manner that can be concealed or attributed to someone else, or explained as accidental or for some good purpose, such as seen over and over again in the Satanic reign of terror called "war on terror." So, even in the highly unlikely case that Holmes perpetrated this massacre alone, I would not attribute it to demonic possession, although perhaps possession by Spirits of Darkness, for whom taking possession is easier, thus making their "hosts" disposable (except when they need someone with special talents to achieve a particular goal). But because of the amount of BS surrounding this incident, I can't be certain what if any role Holmes played, other than taking the blame, either voluntarily for some reward (such as being released, etc., once civilization collapses), or under duress.

B) That not even the best "experts" on the subject of possession can say anything definite about it.  Still, they're the experts. The same goes for economics - the "best experts" fed to us by the British imperial media can't seem to find a solution to the crisis, but Congress still bases its policies on the "advice" of these "experts." The reason they're the "experts" ultimately comes down to their ability to lie, and the propensity of those in positions of power who ignore their "advice" to lose power, or their life. LaRouche has logical, proven solutions, but when the media isn't ignoring him, it's calling him a "radical extremist."

C) Assigns possession to the same Twilight Zone category as alien implants (an obvious allusion to demonic possession) and crop circles (>52 69, i.e. 121 i.e. 11x11), the latter of which I assume are produced by organized Satanism on land owned by Satanists (who hide their complicity by complaining about crop loss), which by now has the deed to practically every Higgs boson in the universe.

Organized Satanism is behind the "UFO craze." (Probably not coincidentally, Satan was the original "space alien" by virtue of the fact that while a spiritual being, he inserted himself into the spatial realm.) Their reason for creating hoaxes is to lie for the sake of lying, which besides gratuitous cruelty is a major aspect of Satanism. They also charge people money for their lies, which are disguised as "inside" knowledge.

D) Claims that the knowledge about possession was already arcane in the 17th century, as if Rudolf Steiner, with his combination of intelligence and clear spiritual perception, never existed. Steiner tip-toed around the subject of Satanism, probably to avoid getting killed, because it was just entering its mass-recruitment phase at that time. So, it's necessary to read between the lines to find his allusions to Satanism.

In fact, what we "know" about demonic possession from arcane sources consists of organized Satanism's earliest efforts to mischaracterize itself. Its top priority was to define possession out of existence, as part of its efforts to prevent everyone, especially its members, from recognizing its true nature and purpose. Even such incidents as the Salem Witch Trials, which were CONDUCTED by witches, were intended to mischaracterize Satanism, while perpetrating advanced SRA right under everyone's noses. But by that time, it had pretty much banished the awareness of possession from everyone's minds, so that nobody realized that the trials WERE Satanism (as were the trials related to Meredith Kercher's ritual murder at the hands of Rudy Guede, Mignini's "poor unfortunate" fellow member of organized Satanism), and that they were intended to induce possession in those conducting them, or as a means of waving the true nature of possession under their noses.

E) That possession is the consequence of succumbing to the temptation to do something really low, and implies that this is akin to sociopathy.

It is a mistake to compare sociopaths to humans, because sociopaths lack conscience. Having a conscience is a matter of absorbing the Christ Impulse to some extent, which doesn't require belonging to a particular religion. In my opinion, it's just a lack of opportunity to revel in some scummy deed that prevents a sociopath from becoming a pod, and I suspect that organized Satanism makes an effort to identify sociopaths, recruit them, and hasten this process.

It's not easy to convert a human with a conscience into a pod, so Satanism has to lure them into its trap with lies, and manipulate them into Dionysian abandonment. This, I gather, cultivates an "initial" form of possession by a class of Satanic being known as "Jupiter men," which is a group of humans who fell behind evolutionarily, dwelled "on" Jupiter for a while (in evolutionary terms), and currently dwell in the Satanic "underworld," where they fall under the control of Satan's key underworld lieutenant, the arch-demon Mammon/Beelzebub.

Becoming possessed in this manner is not a matter of succumbing to an evil temptation - it is a matter of deliberately cultivating lovelessness, or a sense of being a Nietzschean superman "conquering" human compassion (which Crowley reviled), while abandoning oneself to one's lowest nature. Normal humans instinctively avoid sex without love (which is indeed "supernatural," and very complex), because sex without love is empty. However, "extreme" sex without love is the stuff of the outermost circles of Satanism, commonly disguised as Hellfire Clubs and the like.

Rev A - Split C) into two parts and rewrote the latter one for clarity.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Did Holmes really booby-trap his apartment?

Now I'm certain that the "Dark Knight Rises" massacre was perpetrated by organized Satanism, including those in the FBI (>6 2 9, i.e. 6 11) who claim to be "investigating" it.  We can't trust anything coming out of the government or the media about it.  For example, we've been told that James Holmes booby-trapped his apartment, but what actual evidence do we have that he did? All we have are statements from the FBI, and some video of them doing things related to bomb removal. It makes more sense to assume that the FBI is lying.

Ultimately, we don't know anything about this massacre, other than the fact that the expressions of grief which we've seen are genuine, and that people were indeed murdered.  I could speculate about it for years, at the end of which I would know nothing more than I already know, including the fact that this massacre is an expression of our own government's intentions toward mankind, including us.  I also suspect it marks the beginning of a new phase in the collapse of the USA.  Dark night indeed. Our real government will need a really slick liar to play the part of President, so I doubt that Romney will make it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why would Holmes want to warn us?

Authorities recovered a package that apparently was mailed by James Eagan Holmes after the shooting suspect told investigators to look for the item on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, a senior law enforcement official told NBC News on Wednesday.
The source told NBC that the package contained writings about killing people, but could not go into more detail.
 from Source: Tip from accused Aurora shooter leads authorities to package

This massacre is beginning to smell like an FBI black op surrounded by a BS-blizzard. Note that it happened just as Fast and Furious was closing in on Obama. What's a theater full of people to a gang that's killed thousands over the last few years with drone attacks?  Note how Obama went from a hunted criminal to a comforting presence in the course of a few days.  

Monday, July 23, 2012

More perspectives on James Holmes (rev A - see Notes)

(For the significance of the map, see Satanism and the Earth-Grid.)

Sorath (Hebrew for "Beast," i.e. the Devil) seeks to paralyze the "I" in man, and to prevent it from absorbing Christ's influence. His influence, once the "I" is paralyzed, also works its way up through the lower levels of the will, UNDERMINING COMPASSION AND CONSCIENCE, AND CAUSING THINKING TO BECOME DETACHED FROM REALITY. 
One consequence of this is to create a void, which is filled by POWERFUL URGES FOR EXPERIENCE IN THE FORM OF DRUG USE OR SENSELESS VIOLENCE (perhaps what LaRouche calls "the New Violence"). "Blind" terrorism, in which the real motive is hidden, is one type of violence which reflects Sorath's God-complex and his intense desire to remain unknown.
from 6-6-6, The Sun-Demon: Baddest of the Bad

Determining James Holmes' motivation is a job for professionals, but I cannot help but try to make sense of it from a perspective which includes the influence of, and possession by, malevolent spiritual beings.  A while back, I perused Psychoanalysis in the Light of Anthroposophy, in which Rudolf Steiner alludes to various concrete spiritual effects on the human mind, and it gave me an appreciation for the reality, complexity and subtlety of the spiritual world's effects on our minds. For example, Steiner mentioned that fire-demons cause some forms of mental illness by tormenting their victims, and perhaps that's a factor in Holmes' mind. Without precision clairvoyance, all I can do is guess, based on Steiner's works and physical evidence.

My basis for assuming that Holmes was under the influence of some Satanic being is the sheer monstrousness of his crime. As Dr. Michael Welner, the forensic psychiatrist in one of my previous entries put it, "The threshold that the mass shooter crosses is one in which he decides that his righteous indignation and ENTITLEMENT TO DESTROY is more important than the life of any random person that he might kill.” A complete human, in my opinion, includes a conscience which draws the line at gratuitously harming others.

Clearly, Holmes doesn't have a conscience, or at least didn't when he went on his rampage. I would characterize him as a Satanist gone wild - someone who had defined himself as a member of a class of god-like humans with the right to "play God" with other people's lives, by destroying them. In fact, there is no such class of people with such rights, although there is a class of "people," i.e. organized Satanism, who equate THE ABILITY TO GET AWAY WITH IT with the right, i.e. MIGHT MAKES RIGHT.  But when they see no need to hold back, the results make James Holmes' rampage look like an episode of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. But most of their predatory activity is more subtle and disguised or concealed. For example, they're constantly on me like a bad rash, but in a way that I cannot prove, although for now, they seem content with trying to destroy my mind and my health. 12 years of being deprived of sufficient sleep (beginning on 12/24/1999, courtesy of the literal witch next door) to various degrees, has taken a toll.

Unfortunately, Holmes has provided few insights into his motivation, and even if he did, I'm not sure they could be trusted.  So, all I can say for now is that his crime was monstrous and "in our faces" - the sort of thing I would expect from the Spirits of Darkness, who sometimes use their human tools to commit some atrocity, and then discard them like a used kleenex. (The SoD's were one of my first thoughts, although I then assumed that Holmes has too much presence of mind for them to insinuate their thoughts, feelings, and will-impulses. Now, I'm not so sure, partly because of his Vicodin use, which supposedly causes mental impairment - note that he had taken Vicodin before going on his rampage.) Perhaps the same Spirits of Darkness have human tools in the very governmental agencies which are supposed to watch for signs of preparations for such events, and prevent them from happening. Perhaps they also occupy disinformation agents with a super-human ability to manipulate human minds.

Rev A: Elaborated on Vicodin