Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Over $200K spent to make Mignini's fantasy "real"

... this week we learned that Mignini wasted $214,000 on a ludicrous, near fictional video recreation of his pornographic “sex game gone wrong” crime theory. 
from Amanda Knox prosecutor wasted $214, 000 on nutty crime scene video

This is just another example of how Satanism is the top priority of governments around the world, or rather, the various divisions of THE government. The cost of course will be added to the Italian debt, which is the product of wasteful spending, which is intended to provide an excuse to strangle what remains of the economy. [1] Mignini's "reconstruction" has no resemblance to the reality, which is reflected in the reconstruction by Ron Hendry, an expert in such matters. But this is typical of the fantasies spun by Satanists to project their crimes onto innocents, in order to get the most mileage out of the original crime. The Knox case is just one of many, but it's so blatant that I like to use it as an example.

[1] "Extreme radiation" is the excuse for doing nothing in the Fukushima evacuation zone. If the government had heeded the warnings to take steps to prevent precisely such a disaster, they wouldn't have an excuse to abandon the area, and to start getting the Japanese people a taste of "the new normal" (a phrase that comes out of one side of their mouths now and then).  Allowing civilization to collapse, when it will do so on its own, is the actual goal. Haiti is another good example of this.

In areas that might otherwise survive, THE government finds some excuse to send in the bombers, always managing to miss the phantom terrorists and destroy the infrastructure instead. Where's the promised reconstruction in Libya? Destruction and chaos was always the goal, as I wrote originally, although it didn't unfold exactly as I expected.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hardly the stuff of those pervasive car commercials

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Fog and brushfire smoke cleared enough Monday to reopen all lanes of a Florida interstate where 10 people died in a mass pileup that tossed wreckage across the asphalt and left rescuers to search for survivors in the dark by listening for their screams.
from Fla. highway open after chain crashes kill 10

The lack of any real efforts to create truly modern infrastructure, which would largely replace roads and cars, and all that goes with them, is just one of those subtle signs that the powers that be intend to destroy civilization, i.e. create a global Iraq or Fukushima "exclusion zone."

More of St. Giuliano's sadism

 (Rev A - see Notes) 

... Knox may even return this year to testify as a defense witness for her parents who were charged with slandering the Perugia police, ANSA reported Tuesday.
from Attorney: Amanda Knox 'loves' Italy, may return soon

When Amanda Knox was in court facing the murder charge, she insisted that she had been beaten - hit on the head - by Italian police during her interrogation. The police have always denied the allegation. 
Amanda was interrogated for nine straight hours in one session, and finally signed an incriminating statement at 5:45 in the morning. 
"I was very very scared, because they were treating me so badly and I didn't understand why," she said in court. 
In an interview two years ago with the London Times newspaper, Amanda's parents were quoted repeating the beating allegation. 
"Amanda was abused physically and verbally," her parents told the paper. "She told us she was hit in the back of the head by a police officer with an open hand, at least twice. The police told her, 'If you ask for a lawyer, things will get worse for you.'" 
Now the police in Perugia, where the murder of British student Meredith Kercher took place, have started legal proceedings against Amanda and her parents, who live in Seattle - accusing them of slander.
from Amanda Knox's Parents Face Italy Slander Trial
The report also pointed out how Miss Knox had been subjected to a 'long and arduous' police interrogation, following the murder four years ago in the Italian hilltop town of Perugia, noting that she was a 'foreigner and spoke barely a word of Italian'.
from Police and prosecutors blasted for 'harsh treatment' of Amanda Knox and outlandish theories over Meredith Kercher's murder 

This is just more of Mignini's SRA against Knox, her family, and friends.  He led the coven that "interrogated" her - it's his coven.  He's the one that came up with the notion of charging her parents with slander, and dragging them back to Italy.  I don't know why they don't just force Italy to extradite them.

It's essentially the word of Mignini's sadistic, lying coven, vs. the word of Knox, who has been proven to be much more truthful.  She blamed Lumumba, but as Perugia Shock pointed out, her motivation for doing so was obviously due to overwhelming pressure during the "interrogation," because she couldn't have known whether he had an alibi, and whether her claim would be proven false.  She made the statement under duress.

The fact that the court has not dismissed the slander charges, after admitting that the police subjected her to an abusive interrogation without allowing her to have a lawyer present and without recording it (both of which are required by law), and after admitting that she was put through four years of hell for no good reason [1], only goes to prove my assertion that it is firmly in the grip of organized Satanism, the power behind Mignini. If she goes to Italy, she better be surrounded by body guards and her lawyers.

Rev A: Added Note 1
[1] Her three years in prison, besides the year waiting for trial, were "justified" by holding her responsible for implicating Lumumba, although she only implicated him under intense pressure following her false arrest.  Lumumba would not have suffered any consequences if the police had followed proper protocol, instead of acting as if Knox's forced statement was proven fact, and running roughshod over him.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Completely contaminated" Fukushima stay-behind is apparently still healthy

Tomioka, 10 miles (16 kilometers) away from the disaster, is inside the 12.4 mile (20-kilometer) radius of the government-mandated evacuation zone. But that hasn't stopped Naoto Matsumura, 52, a life-long resident and fifth generation farmer, from refusing to heed the mandatory evacuation since the nuclear meltdown.
Matsumura lives without electricity and gets water from a nearby well. He slips out of the exclusion zone only for food and then returns to feed any animals he can. 
He's been tested for radiation contamination, and results show his body is "completely contaminated," he says. But he'll stay, he pledges, as the sole citizen of Tomioka to keep tabs on the government. "We have to decontaminate this area or else this town will die. I will stay to make sure it's done. I want to die in my hometown."
from Resident defiant in Japan's exclusion zone

Note that the article doesn't mention anything about his health.  Believe me, if he were suffering any symptoms from his "complete contamination," it would mention them.  But of course, "eveyone knows" that he'll eventually die of cancer caused by his "extreme" radiation exposure, which raises another question: why wasn't he given a dosimeter, or several as necessary to keep track of his exposure? If he's willing to take the risk, why aren't the authorities interested in using him as an experimental subject?

Garvey's family not so useless after all

The Long Island teen whose story of academic excellence while her family fell into homelessness was back in the news yesterday—Suffolk County officials presented Samantha Garvey, her parents and two siblings with keys to a new house! The home, which is being rented to low-income families by Suffolk County, has three bedrooms and was offered to the Garveys after Samantha's story was featured on the front page of Newsday.
from Inspiring Homeless Teen Scholar No Longer Homeless

Isn't it amazing that affordable housing for Samantha Garvey's family suddenly materialized when it became apparent to the Masters of the Universe that she might be useful to them? (We should thank them for making the Sun rise, and for arranging global events to contractually force Jesus to return and save us from them.)

Now comes the effort to turn Garvey to the dark side.

US Government openly declares war on mankind

In Tuesday's State of the Union address, President Obama declared amid thunderous applause and a standing ovation from Congress, "Let there be no doubt: America is determined to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, and I will take no options off the table to achieve that goal."
from Rhetorical Escalation: Obama/Israel Up the Temperature for New Energy War

He might as well have said that "I intend to start a global thermonuclear war," because that's how it's going to end up.  This is what Congress was cheering, as if Satanically possessed.

"Free trade" without the subtlety

The myth that Iran sanctions are not meant to hurt the population is now exposed as a Goebbels lie, with reports that major European Union banks have stopped financing grain shipments to Iran....  With this de facto ban on food exports could lead to mass hunger.
from European Banks Block Iranian Grain Imports

This also demonstrates how banks control "free trade": by controlling the purposes for which credit is issued.  That is the real difference between Mammon's central banks and the national bank, which is part of the American System of economics, which is authorized by the General Welfare clause in the preamble of the Constitution, which Mammon's agents buried, and which his media refuses to mention.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Israel doesn't want to prevent nuclear war, but to start it

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Friday the world must quickly stop Iran from reaching the point where even a "surgical" military strike could not block it from obtaining nuclear weapons.
from Barak: World must act against Iran before it's too late

Meanwhile, in the real world, as opposed to the fantasy world in which only certain members of the Israeli government and neo-cons know what's going on, Russia has been preparing for nuclear war with the US in response to an attack on Iran.  This would be the "Armageddon" which organized Satanism and its puppets such as Israel's right wing are hell-bent on simulating. But we're supposed to believe that Israel considers the destruction of civilization to be a fair price to protect it from nuclear weapons which have not been proven to exist.  If that's not chutzpah, I don't know what is.

Possible parallels between Haditha and Liege (Rev A)

(Rev A - Moved text to note 1 and clarified it.)

While mulling over the apparently rage-fueled mass murder of Iraqis in Haditha, another possibility occurred to me, which is that this was the result of some sort of temporary Satanic possession, such as by the Spirits of Darkness.  Rudolf Steiner vaguely indicated that something similar occurred in the aftermath of the Battle of Liege in WWI:

What matters is that neither [Tirpitz or Ludendorff] carries the true Christian impulse in his heart and soul. Their development stopped short at an earlier stage of humanity's evolution. 
The spirits [1] can approach and subjugate mentalities of spiritual configurations that Tirpitz and Ludendorff represent.  Such a mentality ["Caesar" or "superman" mentality] attracts these spirits: it is their means of gaining control. And thereby an alien element, coming from a spiritual sphere, can enter into the decisions such individuals make.
The town of Luttich (Liege) was captured on the sixth day of August.... What occurred was solely due to his own swift decision. In this action, Ludendorff lost his normal consciousness. His state of mind becamed that of Caesar, a darkened consciousness that opens the door for the Ahrimanic world to enter.

from The Archangel Michael: His Mission and Ours
(Anthroposophic Press, 1994, p 172; part of this lecture can be found here)

I never realized "what occurred" until I did a little digging into the history of the invasion of Belgium, which led me to Rape of Belgium, which included buring a library containing a huge collection of ancient books. The similarities to the "war on terror" can hardly be missed.  It seems to me that perhaps guerrilla warfare is arranged by organized Satanism precisely in order to lead soldiers into situations which cause them to become overwhelmed with rage, leading to possession and war crimes.

However, I can only speculate whether what happened at Haditha was a result of possession, which sort of Satanic spirit might have taken possession, and whether the resulting possession is temporary or persistent.  It would explain how US soldiers could end up gunning down children, despite their training which might have included video simulations of such situations, with the intent of ingraining them with reflexes which would prevent them from doing so.

[1] Steiner was apparently referring to proto-human "Jupiter men" from the realm of Mammon, since he specifically referred to them earlier in the lecture. These are what I suspect Nietzsche meant in part by "supermen," since they gain access to human souls through abandonment to one's lowest nature, as opposed to demonic possession, which is elicited by SRA.

More progress toward a stable peace in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Jan. 27 (UPI) -- Iraq is facing worsening water shortages caused by the failure of successive postwar governments to ensure supplies and extensive dam-building in neighboring states that could trigger sectarian conflict.
from Iraq water crisis could stir ethnic clash

Some day in the distant future, there will be peace in Iraq - just no people.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Obama's on the campaign trail, so don your hip-waders

Barack Obama has taken pandering to the Israeli lobby to shameful new levels. In a frankly shocking video, even by US standards, in what I can only describe as one the most cynical pieces of electioneering I have witnessed in my lifetime, Obama’s team has released a video re-affirming the USA’s special relationship with Zionism, and their unwavering commitment to supporting a state which draws legitimate comparisons to South Africa under apartheid.
from Barack Obama’s “unbreakable bond” with Israel

There you go again, paying attention to what this creature says. In this case, his actions will correspond to his words, because he's trying to ignite "Armageddon," in which many Jews, whom this latent Hitler lyingly professes to love, will have to die to "fulfill prophecy." (The Settlers will probably bug out, mission accomplished, just before the attack begins.)  But in general, it's best to ignore what he says (especially while he's campaigning), and just watch what he does, as much as possible, behind the scenes.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The type of operation that gives Special Forces its good name

(Reuters) - U.S. special operations forces swooped into Somalia on Wednesday and rescued two hostage aid workers after killing their nine kidnappers, a rare and daring raid in the Horn of Africa nation to free foreign captives.
from U.S. commandos free two hostages in daring Somalia raid

If it were possible to penetrate the veil of secrecy surrounding this and related organizations, I bet we'd find that the guys who pulled this off have little in common with the guys who raid Afghan villages and do things that have so many Afghans up in arms. I suspect that the latter are using the good name of the former to hide their true nature.  The secrecy and compartmentalization of Special Operations might even allow civilians with minimal training to fly in from just about anywhere and take part in the raids to get in a little quality SRA without having to worry about accountability.

Google driverless cars: Now the lawyers weigh in

Even as Google tests its small fleet of self-driving vehicles on California highways, legal scholars and government officials are warning society has only begun wrestling with the changes needed to a system created a century ago for horseless carriages.
from Driverless cars yield to reality

The bottom line is that getting from Point A to Point B must always be some combination of life-threatening and onerous, except for the wealthy, as usual, who party in their limos and private jets.  If a peasant so much as sniffs a cork and gets behind the wheel, he's essentially a child killer, according to "zero tolerance laws" made for the benefit of lawyers.  Even if he's driving well, but his BAL is measurable although within the legal limit, he is arrested and prosecuted on what is essentially a morals charge: having too much fun.  By this metric, SkyTran will never be implemented, because it's too effective in almost all weather, too efficient, too safe, too enjoyable, and there's nothing in it for the lawyers and insurance companies.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Haditha: Did video games play a role?

It occurred to me that video games might have contributed to the Haditha slaughter, so I performed a search along these lines, and found nothing. Nor was I able to find anything by Lt. Col. David Grossman, who is an expert on the psychology of warfare and killing in general.  So, I decided to post this and continue my search later.

Congress on Haditha: 24 down, 6 billion or so to go

... Murtha was a tough advocate for veterans and had come out early and strong against the war in Iraq, a war that the majority of veterans today say was a mistake. He maintained from the beginning that he raised the specter of Haditha because he felt Washington had unnecessarily created the conditions that led to the killings in the first place, and that a cover-up was engaged in order to hide the devastating truth.
from Jack Murtha and the Ghosts of Haditha

It seems to me that those who committed this atrocity had been driven temporarily insane by the insane "war." At least those they killed didn't suffer very long, and are now in a better place. Based on the verdicts, it would seem that the military court was trying to send a message to Washington to stop abusing the military because putting them in such situations inevitably leads to atrocities.  But Congress is on a mission to depopulate the planet, so it can't waste time fretting about a couple of dozen murdered in a "war" zone.  Right now, it's standing by as Obama works on starting a global nuclear war.

IMF finally proposes a solution to the economic crisis; Obama has another

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The euro zone debt crisis is escalating and could derail the global economic recovery, the International Monetary Fund warned on Tuesday as it called for urgent action to restore confidence.
from IMF warns that Europe poses global recession threat

Some question we're not supposed to ask:

A) What ever happened to the previous solutions from these same experts?
B) How could their "solutions" have helped the economy?
C) What is "the economy?"

Face it: their goal is the disintegration of the economy, i.e. to prevent us from producing what we need.  They're lying -  their "solutions" are working. Obama, who claims to support a revival of the manufacturing economy when it serves his political ambitions (while trying to plunge the world into nuclear war behind the scenes), is their puppet and is therefore lying, but also because he likes it.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The KKK rides again, in new disguises and vehicles

In 10 years, thousands of suspects have been detained or even "disappeared," secretly taken on American orders to be interrogated and sometimes tortured all over the world.... Aero Contractors, the CIA-affiliated aviation company headquartered at the Johnston County Airport in Smithfield, transported dozens of men to overseas jails.... Students at the UNC School of Law Immigration/Human Rights Policy clinic examined key cases and hundreds of documents, including declassified U.S. government records. They have found that different levels of North Carolina government cooperated with Aero Contractors in abetting human rights abuses.
from Shedding light on N.C.'s 'rendition' connection
Among the most notorious zones of Klan activity was South Carolina, where in January 1871 500 masked men attacked the Union county jail and lynched eight black prisoners.
from The History Channel article on the KKK

I included the latter excerpt as evidence that the epicenter of Klan activity was just a stone's throw from North Carolina, which was also a KKK hotbed.  All that's changed since then are the puppets and the pretexts for torture and terror, but this is clearly another example of The Invisible Empire in action (see previous post).

Attack on French forces blamed on obscene desecration video

KABUL — An Afghan soldier who shot dead four French troops has said he did it because of a recent video showing US Marines urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban insurgents, security sources told AFP.
from Afghan soldier 'killed French troops over US abuse video'

Perhaps, but then perhaps not, but it's clearly being used as a pretext, at least.  Now it's time for US supermen-terrorists to swoop in on some hamlet of sleeping, defenseless peasants who had nothing to do with the attack on the French forces, terrorize them, trash their houses, beat some of them up, perhaps kill a couple, send some to some secret pit of Hell for "interrogation" ("Where is Osama bin Laden?" - they forgot to change the script), and wait in their impregnable fortress for the next attack on NATO soldiers who had nothing to do with their attack.  This IS "the war on terror": tit for tat "misdirected" terrorism.  Obviously, it can go on forever, or until the US goes bankrupt.  The real terrorists are The Invisible Empire (33 101 66), which at the top consists of literally invisible puppeteers. The KKK (11 11 11) was just an "ad hoc committee" of organized Satanism which used racism as an excuse for what Satanists do regardless of which mask they use.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

What a surprise - pissing on the Taliban just pisses them off

“Our leaders overlooked this degrading and inhumane act of American soldiers because they are interested in peace talks,” said Mullah Mohammad Gul, a local Taliban commander in southern Helmand province, where the video is believed to have been made. ”Our duty is to defend our sacred religion and our people and we will keep fighting, no matter what.”
from Taliban Fighters Hear of US Marines Urinating on Afghan Corpses, Vow Revenge

So, by "fighting," I suppose he means killing American soldiers who would never do such a thing.  Like I said, the pornographic desecration video was intended to fan the flames of Islamic/Islamist rage.  I should have added that it also provides a pretext for terrorist-controllers such as the one quoted above to continue their own amoral behavior, as part of this "war" which largely consists of terrorists ("Islamist" and American) ostensibly fighting each other, but always somehow missing their supposed targets and killing innocents, or relative innocents such as American soldiers who had nothing to do with the obscene video or the various atrocities.

I don't know if there is any solution, but I know there can be no solution as long as the real enemy isn't recognized and attacked.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Obama, as usual, creating enemies by projecting his own guilt

"I do believe that there is a power of the people, and there is a growing frustration among the people over the operations of government, corruption, lack of transparency, and issues that affect the Chinese people on a daily basis, that they feel they are being neglected," said Locke.
Locke then went on to attack the Chinese government's human rights record across the board, as "worsening" but being increasingly confronted by the people.
from War Provocation: Obama's China Ambassador Talks of Revolution

This is just Obama projecting his crimes, via his ambassadors, onto those he hopes to invade next.  He's turning America into nothing but a British imperial weapon against civilization, interspersed with public appearances intended to boost his popularity.  As he works to plunge the world into nuclear war, his masters have been creating the illusion of a feeble economic recovery, just in time for the election.

The old devil goes to Moscow

Mr. Peskov said Mr. Kissinger requested the meeting in late November or early December. The two men are “old friends” who have met 8 or 10 times over the years, once dining at Mr. Kissinger’s home in New York, he said. Mr. Peskov said Mr. Putin was interested in Mr. Kissinger’s counsel about domestic politics, among other subjects.
“He values everyone’s point of view, and especially such a wise man as Henry Kissinger,” Mr. Peskov said.
from Putin Welcomes Kissinger: ‘Old Friends’ to Talk Shop

He's just giving Putin a list of cities to be vaporized.

By their fruits ye shall know our secret government

Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki’s security forces have detained and brutally tortured more than 1,000 political opponents in secret prisons and denied them access to legal counsel, according to allegations by Iraq’s former prime minister.
from Iraq’s Maliki Accused of Detaining, Torturing Hundreds of Political Opponents

Well, now we know why the US encouraged so many people to become politicians - so that budding Iraqi "wizards" could have a cover story for torturing them, i.e. that of producing false confessions to allow the dictator to incarcerate his opponents.

What Iraq needs now is a resort town to serve as a suitable winter vacation spot for budding wizards from all over the world, with 5-star hotels, torture chambers, and an endless supply of "the outcast and unfit" to help the global community of Nietzschean superman unleash those "expansive energies."

Thursday, January 19, 2012

TSA heaps lies upon abuse, since the ugly truth isn't an option

In their letters to the New York politicians, Mr. Pistole and Ms. Markey disputed some of the details of the women's accounts. They said Ms. Zimmerman had raised her shirt voluntarily.
Likewise, she said Ms. Sherman also initially had lowered her pants voluntarily and was never asked to remove any items of clothing....
Ms. Zimmerman ... told the Daily News that she was upset that federal officials still were insisting that she hadn't been asked to remove clothing.
"They're lying," she said. "I don't have a problem with the back brace. I have a problem with being strip-searched," she said.
from TSA admits errors in searches of elderly women in N.Y.
They'll probably just throw money from the unlimited budget for Satanism at the victims, until they go away.  But as far as holding a Nietzschean superman (or superwoman) accountable ... are you serious?  The important thing is to give them the opportunity to conquer their consciences by doing something so low that it would never even enter the minds of most humans.  The inability of most people to imagine such scumminess ensures that few people take such claims seriously.

The same goes for those Marines who made that pornographic video of themselves desecrating "Taliban" bodies, which was explained away as typical "rogue" behavior, which it wasn't - it was qualitatively unique, and as some high military officials have said, despicable.  At least one commentator compared it to the Abu Ghraib outrage.

British agent turns up as Obama's ambassador to Russia

On Monday of this week, Michael McFaul presented his credentials as Barack Obama's ambassador to Russia. On Tuesday he invited an array of opposition figures, including leaders of the December street demos where "not one vote for Putin" was chanted, as his first guests at the U.S. Embassy.
... McFaul is remembered in Soviet-era human rights circles as having said that his efforts were never directed to achieving "democracy" as such, but to breaking up the Soviet Union.
from Russia Blasts Project Democracy Regime-change Specialist

Pay attention to Obama's deeds, not his words.  By this deed, he has declared war on Russia, which would ultimately become a nuclear war.  Aren't we entitled to a justification?

Old news: Gitmo's also recruiting "Islamic" terrorists

FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) — A copy of a magazine published by an arm of al Qaeda made its way to a terror suspect at the Guantanamo Bay prison, leading to an inspection of cells and a contentious new policy requiring special review teams to examine correspondence between prisoners and attorneys, U.S. prosecutors said Wednesday. 
Navy Cmdr. Andrea Lockhart told a military judge during a pre-trial hearing that a copy of Inspire magazine got into a cell. She provided no details on who received the magazine or how. 
from U.S.: Al Qaeda magazine got into Guantanamo cell

So, some magazine published by an arm of AQ, itself an arm of the US/UK/"Israeli" (Satanist) military-intelligence complex [1], got into a dungeon run by this same complex?  What is the world coming to?

[1] Well, besides genuine resistance-fighters merely labelled "Al Qaeda" or "Taliban" to confuse the issue

Our Nazi/Satanist government again wipes its, uh, feet on the Constitution

The bill then goes on to assert that the two flotillas in 2010 and 2011 opposing Israel’s blockade of Gaza were terrorist actions.
If people cannot see what a slippery slope all of this is, they not thinking very clearly. HR 3131 is admittedly still sitting in congressional committee, but it has some very powerful sponsors, including Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, who heads the Foreign Affairs Committee and is a rabid supporter of Israel. The bill not only indicts whole groups of people exercising their constitutional rights and labels them “terrorists,” IT EVEN NAMES ONE AMERICAN WHO WAS, AT THE TIME, BREAKING NO U.S. LAW. KLUSMIRE’S ONLY CRIME WAS TO “SET SAIL WITHOUT PERMISSION” — IN GREECE.  
from Creating American Terrorists (emphasis added)

Ros-Lehtinen, from my perspective, is most likely a literal witch disguised as an "Israel right or wrong" Jew.  It is, after all, the linchpin of the fake Apocalype, a product of Nazi Germany which was originally supported by her forerunners.  This bill reflects the emerging attitude of our actual government, of which Ros-Lehtinen is probably an agent, that new laws are not required to have any basis in the Constitution, logic, or facts, and that they can just spew some gibberish on the floor of Congress and start locking people up in some dungeon run by Reesian mind-destroyers, or killing them with missiles fired from the cloud of drones circling the planet, like a modern Zeus with his thunderbolts.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Will Chris Hedges soon disappear?

Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Chris Hedges, who also has earned a Master's of Divinity from Harvard and wrote American Fascists – The Christian Right and the War on America, has sued the Obama administration over the National Defense Authorization Act.
from Chris Hedges sues Obama administration over law allowing indefinite detention of Americans without trial

This might qualify Hedges as a terrorist from the perspective of the Nazi/Satanist puppeteers (the Third Reich was essentially Satanism in uniform) who tell "our government" what to do, and how to "justify" it.

Meanwhile, Obama is doing everything in his power to provoke a thermonuclear, civilization-ending conflict with Russia, and he hasn't done anything significant about foreclosure-terrorism for millions of American familes.  But he's not a terrorist, or he would have arrested himself by now.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Existence of leak video indicates approval from highest levels

The point of the recent video of Marines in the act of an illegal leak, which was undoubtedly from members of the "Apocalypse" faction of the US military-intelligence complex, is to fan the flames of Islamic/Islamist hatred toward the average US soldier in Afghanistan (as a supposed reflection of the true attitude of all US soldiers in Afghanistan), i.e. to "bring it on ... them!"  They had to know that they were being video-recorded, so the fact that they went ahead and committed this outrage indicates that they had no fear of its repurcussions, regardless of who  saw it.  I know they will ultimately pay no price, at least in this world. In fact, they'll probably be rewarded.

Why isn't Iran doing more to protect its scientists?

TEHRAN — The Tehran funeral on Friday of a nuclear scientist blown up by a hitman saw the ruling clergy urge Iranians to rally behind it at a forthcoming election and face down Western threats against Iran’s nuclear program.
from At funeral for assassinated Iranian scientist, clerics push unity, anti-West sentiments

This wasn't the first time an Iranian scientist was killed in this manner, so why isn't Iran doing more to protect them?  Was he really a key scientist, or was Iran behind the hit, precisely in order to stir hatred against the US and Israel, as if anyone over there needed any more reasons to hate them?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another leak investigation

On Thursday, a Marine official said the branch had identified two of the four Marines in the video, and that all four were members of the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, which returned to its home base in North Carolina last fall after a tour in Afghanistan.
Wednesday, the Marine Corps released a statement saying it had been made aware of the video and had not yet verified its origin or authenticity....
On Thursday, Marines Corps Commandant James F. Amos said he viewed the video "apparently" showing Marines "desecrating" the bodies of several dead Taliban in Afghanistan and had requested the Naval Criminal Investigative Service "pull together a team of their very best agents" to investigate "every aspect of the filmed event."
from Panetta orders probe of video allegedly showing Marines urinating on dead Taliban

Such a deep mystery will require years, and hundreds of millions of dollars, to investigate. Heaven forbid they should just call the alleged leakers into their office and grill them.

Where some of those Bernanke bucks will go first

In a recent post, I indicated that Bernanke's bailout bucks are being used for purchasing worthless mortgage-based derivatives probably owned by the wealthy, and from there to trickle down on the rest of us in the form of higher prices for basics.  Probably not coincidentally, Honda yesterday announced a new version of their NSX "supercar."  Maybe we can get jobs scrubbing bugs off their cars and scrubbing them off the road when they miss a turn at 150 while texting and sipping champagne.  It's their world - we just live in it, as they see fit.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NY Times unwittingly exposes SRA disguised as interrogation

I was taken to Kandahar, in Afghanistan, where American interrogators asked me the same questions for several weeks: Where is Osama bin Laden? Was I with Al Qaeda? No, I told them, I was not with Al Qaeda. No, I had no idea where bin Laden was.
At one point, I was chained to the ceiling of a building and hung by my hands for days. A doctor sometimes checked if I was O.K.; then I would be strung up again. The pain was unbearable.
After about two months in Kandahar, I was transferred to Guantánamo. There were more beatings, endless solitary confinement, freezing temperatures and extreme heat, days of forced sleeplessness. The interrogations continued always with the same questions. I told my story over and over — my name, my family, why I was in Pakistan. Nothing I said satisfied them. I realized my interrogators were not interested in the truth.
from Notes From a Guantánamo Survivor

The real reason for the questioning was to make what was in fact SRA look like interrogation.  I've seen this over and over: lots of torture/torment, interspersed with moronic, robotic "interrogation" which is not intended to produce information.  As Murnaz said, they weren't interested in the truth.  In fact, they can't handle the truth, which is that they're a bunch of suckers who've been had in the worst possible way.  They'll eventually get to experience everything they caused in their misguided quest for occult powers, and if they "succeed," "occult powers" will get THEM for the rest of their physical existences.

The Fed lies again

Jan. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Ben S. Bernanke is signaling his willingness to double down on a three-year bet that’s failed to revive housing, showing the extent of the Federal Reserve chairman’s effort to wrest a recovery from the deepest recession.
from Bernanke Doubles Down on Fed Bet Defied by Recession: Mortgages

Stripped of the Ministry of Truth's doublespeak, what Bernanke is doing is buying up mortgage-based derivatives while the underlying economy collapses.  So, now  the favored few will be able to go out and buy real stuff with their bogus debt infused with Bernanke bucks, but they aren't going to spend that money on what the underlying economy needs, i.e. basic infrastructure. So, the underlying economy will continue to collapse (but even faster now that prices of fundamentals will climb), and Bernanke will wait a while and buy some bogus debts again.  THIS is Mammon's "free market" in action, serving the rich at the expense of the rest of us.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More US hypocrisy

In Washington, U.S. officials on Monday demanded that Iran release Hekmati and denied that he worked for the CIA.
"Allegations that Mr. Hekmati either worked for, or was sent to Iran by the CIA are false," National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor said at the White House. "The Iranian regime has a history of falsely accusing people of being spies, of eliciting forced confessions, and of holding innocent Americans for political reasons."
from Iran sentences alleged American spy to death

Captain Renault: I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!
[a croupier hands Renault a pile of money]
Croupier: Your winnings, sir.
Captain Renault: Oh, thank you very much. 
from Casablanca

Sunday, January 8, 2012

At whom is RMA aimed?

One of the Holy Grails of the Pentagon’s Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) is that Information Age technology and the thought-processes that go along with it would give the war-fighter perfect knowledge of the battlefield. The technology would allow him to look through weather, walls, smoke, around corners, and into caves at what the enemy was doing. The conceptual process would allow him to anticipate what the enemy is thinking and doing, and allow him to act upon the enemy’s “nodes,” cut them, totally disrupt his ability to operate, and thereby change his behavior without having to resort to outmoded “Industrial Age” massed armies and logistics in order to destroy enemy forces.
However, reality, as it always does, intervened. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan degenerated into British-style counterinsurgency (COIN) campaigns....
While [RMA-critic Lt. Col. Gian] Gentile is treated as something of a heretic in the Army, what with counterinsurgency doctrine becoming the new orthodoxy, other officers have issued warnings similar to his.
While Army doctrine calls for a “full spectrum force”— that is, a force able to operate at any point from benign peacekeeping operations and disaster relief, to counterinsurgency, to major combat—the practical effect of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Gentile and others are warning, is that the Army is becoming a counterinsurgency-only force. This problem may be compounded to the degree that the U.S. military adopts concepts and doctrines based on behavior modification....
from Behavior Modification Is No Strategy for War 

If you assume that RMA's theory is a smokescreen, that it's actually aimed at the minds of the humans in the armies which apply it, and that it is intended to lead not to quick victory, but frustration and quagmires  (counterinsurgencies) which are fertile ground for the Satanist faction to practice their religion of sadism, then it seems to make more sense.

Another perspective is that of the 8th Sphere agenda, which is intended to drive the human spirit into escaping into a "fake heaven," a realm of pure fantasy with no connection to Creation, known as the 8th Sphere.  RMA's ostensible purpose, it seems to me, is a hint of the 8th Sphere agenda.  Note that it's supposedly intended to achieve "victory" by creating a defeatist mindset in "the enemy."  The target, as in the 8th Sphere agenda, is "the enemy's" mind.  

The specifically Satanic aspect of the 8S agenda is to create Hell on Earth, and the specifically Luciferic part of this agenda is to cultivate an escapist mentality, and this is clearly all around us. RMA covers both of these bases - it's a fantasy, and it leads to military debacles, and worse.

Barack "Cheney" Obama

Those who voted for Obama in 2008 expected something different. "The detention of American citizens, without access to counsel, fair procedure, or pursuant to judicial authorization, as enemy combatants is unconstitutional," he told The Boston Globe.

from Czar Barack: The candidate who criticized Bush-Cheney became the president who continued their legacy
An Afghan investigative commission accused the American military on Saturday of abusing detainees in the Bagram prison facilities and reiterated President Hamid Karzai’s demand that the U.S. turn the detainees over to Afghan custody.
The U.S. is holding about 3,000 detainees at Bagram, many of whom have not been charged with a crime, have seen no evidence against them, and do not have the right to be represented by a lawyer, in addition to being exposed to harsh conditions.
from Afghan Commission Accuses US of Detainee Abuse

Like the Who said: Meet the new boss - same as the old boss (the boss being Mammon/Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, Satan's underworld lieutenant).  Obama, like all of the other political candidates served up on a silver platter by the media, are slight variations on the same tired old theme, and over the long term, it doesn't matter which of them is elected.  Our elections are essentially puppet popularity contests. Actual alternatives are killed or given life sentences.

However, this is just a phase in our evolution which some have characterized as a confrontation with evil.  Eventually, after mankind undergoes various trials/ordeals, the "climate" will  change again, and the forces of good will prevail.  Soon, Mammon's puppets will no longer be able to pretend to be our friends, because their evil will be "written" on their faces, so they're in a rush to consolidate their grip over the planet, and implement an Orwellian fascist state designed to drive the human spirit out of the world. Indefinite detention combined with torture/torment is just one of the more extreme aspects of this. It is also intended to torment and terrorize even those who are "free," because we don't like our fellow humans to suffer, and we're afraid that we'll end up in a similar situation.

They've tried before, and failed, and they'll probably fail this time too, although that doesn't mean that we should just sit back and wait for a sunnier day.  I think we should at least learn to recognize the true nature of pure evil, instead of just swallowing the Hollywood version intended to distract us from the reality all around us.  Ask yourself how useful the typical pod-person, as depicted by Hollywood, would be to Satan.  His ultimate goal is to drive the human spirit out of the world by creating a world order which is incompatible with it, so you would expect his agents to be in positions where, for example, they control our access to the stuff we need to live (such as in real estate), and indeed that's where you will find many of them, raking desperate homeowners over the coals for a pittance of payment-reduction, or throwing families out on the street while so many houses got to pot, "waiting for the market to improve." (This is an example of the banality of evil, like Sen. Graham's pathetic "justification" for dispensing with due process.) They ensure that those who have sold their souls get the best of everything, while those who have not get the worst.  They work together like the fingers of a fist aimed at humanity's face, not because the fingers love each other, but because they're all part of the same hand.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rule by sophistry

The philosophy behind the provision was clearly articulated by Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.), who told the Senate that fighting al-Qaeda, or any terrorist group for that matter, is not a law enforcement function, but rather a military function, and that therefore, due process is not applicable, including in a case where the suspect is an American citizen.
"If you join al-Qaeda, you suffer the consequences of being killed or captured," he said. "If you are an American citizen and you betray your country, you are going to be held in military custody and you are going to be questioned about what you know. You are not going to be given a lawyer if our national security interests dictate that you not be given a lawyer and go into the criminal justice system because we are not fighting a crime, we are fighting a war."
from Congress Gives Obama His Hitlerian Enabling Act

Graham (a lawyer), by advocating this patently un-Constitutional position, (which presumes that anyone CHARGED with treason is guilty, and therefore that due process is not necessary) has betrayed his country.  So, he should turn himself in at the nearest military base to be "questioned" until he is reduced to "a piece of furniture."  (We got a lot of good information out of Jose Padilla, as proven by John Yoo's likely assertion that things would have been much worse if Padilla's mind hadn't been destroyed.)

But of course that wouldn't happen, because when it comes to waging the "war on terror," there's a double standard: the standard applied to Mammon's puppets within the government (i.e. they ARE the law of the land, and can change as necessary, after spewing some gibberish, to allow whatever they want to do next), and the standard applied to whomever these traitors designate as "enemies" (i.e. including any US citizen who lashes out as they back us further and further into a corner) which is that they have no rights, and can be treated in any manner.

Friday, January 6, 2012

ABC's 20/20 shines a light on another legalistic witch-hunt (revised)

In a quiet suburban community north of Detroit, one Michigan family thought it was witnessing a miracle: After years of silence, their autistic daughter seemed to be finally communicating and even excelling in school. Little did family members know that the technique that seemed to open their daughter's world would provide fodder for an aggressive police investigation that nearly tore the family apart.
It all led to a disturbing conclusion -- one that scientists had been reaching for years, long before the Wendrow case: Facilitated communication is fake.
Howard Shane, who runs a communication center for autistic children at Children's Hospital Boston, said he's been involved in a dozen cases in which parents have faced troubling, false accusations that surfaced through facilitated communication.
Shane, who has studied this phenomenon, said his best explanation of what is going on is something he calls the savior effect. 
"If you think that you are really going to help someone, that alone drives you to put reality aside," he said.
from Michigan Family Alleges Harrowing Misconduct by Prosecutors, Police

It seems clear to me that this is another of organized Satanism's witch-hunts using the power of a justice system, fantasies, and fabricated evidence.  Howard Shane seems honest, but he evidently is too good-hearted to recognize evil, and came up with the "savior effect" to explain FC.

Addendum:  When I initially posted this entry, it had not occurred to me to convert "facilitated communication" to its numerical equivalent, which is 90 150, i.e. 9 6, two of Satanism's "magical numbers."  This indicates that FC was a product of organized Satanism.

Also note that the father who supposedly molested his autistic daughter (and then, as his wife pointed out, did everything he could to help her communicate) was essentially subjected to torture by being kept in a small cell with the lights on constantly, forced to sleep on a concrete floor (probably "for his own safety"), and no doubt subjected to sleep deprivation ("accidentally," of course).  This shows the "morality" of those behind this witch-hunt.

Revision: Added bottom two paragraphs.

Tucson shooting incident: Series of coincidences, or orchestration from below?

Because the anniversary of the Tucson shooting incident is approaching, I went back over my entries on the subject.  I noted that Loughner had to go to two stores in order to get the bullets he needed (a clerk at the first store refused to sell him a single box of bullets, and he went to another store, where he bought ten boxes).  Therefore, a "black-ops" scenario seems highly unlikely.

I concluded that this tragic incident could be the result of an extremely unlikely series of coincidences, but after mulling it over for a while, another thought occurred to me, which is that perhaps Loughner wasn't the only person being influenced by the Spirits of Darkness.  (The fact that he had an interest in Nietzsche, whose writings were influenced by the Spirits of Darkness, might have been a sign of their influences. Maybe they suggested Nietzsche to him as a sort of "calling card.")  Perhaps they were also planting thoughts, which is one of their abilities, in the minds of those who made key decisions which on the surface appear to have been coincidences.  To control someone thoroughly, they usually pick on weak-minded people such as Loughner, but I suppose they might also find fertile soil in people who aren't putting a lot of thought into a decision.

But this is just a possibility, and I can't prove it.  Still, I believe it is a possibility. It helps me to understand how so many people could have missed the glaring signs of trouble brewing.  The community college police came very close to having Loughner evaluated, but ultimately decided not to do so, and this has never been explained.  It would be interesting to learn what went into that decision.

Obama's US military strategy: Orgies of advanced Satanism will be smaller, and most destruction will be done from a distance

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said, in his remarks, that the Army and the Marine Corps "will no longer need to be sized to support the large-scale, long-term stability operations that dominated military priorities and force generation over the past decade." Instead, there will be greater reliance on naval and air forces, to include heavy emphasis on drones and the development of a new stealth bomber, which itself will be "optionally manned." "The U.S. Joint Force will be smaller and leaner," said Panetta, "but its great strength will be that it is agile, flexible, ready to deploy, innovative and technologically advanced." 
from Nerobama Announces His Imperial War Plan

"Large-scale, long-term stability operations?" Could he be more revolting? That must be his euphemism for wiping out the human race, or for creating a horde of pod-people ("stability": definitely possessed).  The "joint force" wars will be fought wherever there are people who can to killed and tortured with impunity, so that the core of pod people created in the "war on terror" can supplement itself as necessary.  As usual, there will be a lot of secret flights of civilians disguised as "CIA agents," or whatever, into and out of the "war" zone, and some of the victims will be secretly flown to torture chambers all over the world for the convenience of Satanists in those areas.  Every once in a while, a hint of this activity will be leaked just to wave it under our noses and mock our obliviousness to the horror, and Panetta or his successor will tell us, very seriously and cryptically, with furrowed brow, that "we do Not-Torture," where "Not Torture" is the official US brand of torture that leaves no obvious marks ("no blood [77], no foul" [83]).

Thursday, January 5, 2012

EU agrees to embargo Iranian oil

The European Union agreed in principle to impose an oil embargo that would ban member states from purchasing Iranian oil. The EU is the second largest consumer (DerSpiegel) of Iranian oil, with Greece, Italy, and Spain being the largest importers.
from Roundup: European Union agrees on Iran oil embargo

This is a new wrinkle in the plan to help destroy the global economy (and "explain" the lack of a recovery, thus saving various reputations), by causing the price of oil to skyrocket.  Instead of manipulating Iran into shutting down the Strait of Hormuz, the EU will apparently force its member-states to stop importing Iranian oil.  So, the effect would have a similar effect as an Iranian blockade of the Strait, but without the immediate risk of world war.

Webster Tarpley, based on his claim that Wall Street wants to close the Strait to postpone a Dollar collapse (apparently at the expense of Iran) might claim that this embargo is intended to have a similar effect.

"Sectarian" terrorism in Iraq: Satanism is a "sect" too

BEIRUT: Hezbollah accused the United States Thursday of being behind the latest wave of bomb attacks on Shiite Muslim pilgrims in Iraq. The party said the bombings, which killed at least 68 and wounded more than 100, were in retaliation for America’s defeat.
from Hezbollah blames deadly bombings in Iraq on U.S. occupation forces

The use of terrorism indeed suggests the involvement of some tentacle of the British empire, and Hezbollah might be correct in assuming that US "stay behind" elements are in the loop. (The actual bombers might have been motivated by threats against their families, or perhaps they were unwittingly transporting the bombs, which might have been remotely detonated.)

Now that I might be in agreement with a US-defined "terrorist" organization (as opposed to the US, which only inadvertently commits terrorism, and on a far greater scale), will I disappear from the parking lot of a Walmart and be driven insane by not-torture on British agent Obama's orders, as a means of "defending" the US (which, by the way, Obama is destroying)?

Mignini's revenge

After a year-long appeals trial, Italy released Knox during a global spectacle on Oct, 3, 2011. She returned to her hometown of Seattle faster than a freed Iranian hostage. Enrolled at the University of Washington, she’s refused all interviews but has signed with a super-power lawyer to nail down a book deal expected to reach seven figures. While locals pay little attention, the paparazzi still hounds the photogenic 24-year-old.
from Amanda Knox acquittal tops world’s trial stories

The fact that "paparazzi" continue to hound Knox supports my contention that she is one of organized Satanism's designated targets. Why aren't they hounding Mignini, now that the acquittal-report has raised so many questions about his persecution of Knox and Sollecito? Because they essentially WORK for Mignini! The purpose is to make her feel as if she's still in prison (note that the name of Alex Jones' website Prison Planet seems to reflect an awareness of Satanism's top-level agenda, which I call the "8th Sphere Agenda").

Satanism will never forgive her for escaping from their agent Mignini's intended life sentence in Hell.  It is nothing if not utterly relentless, as can be seen by what's happening at Gitmo, that R&D lab dedicated to creating utter hopelessness.  This top-secret research is apparently used for writing software which determines the optimal form of torment for any given person and moment, based on a wide array of inputs. This torment is then implemented by organized Satanism, which has agents everywhere, undermining people's lives and trying to drive the human spirit out of the world. This, besides recruiting more creatures likes themselves, is their mission. (Sometimes, they do things that make no sense precisely because they make no sense.) Various Campaigner articles which exposed aspects of this literally diabolical program back in the 70's and 80's can be found on my website The Campaigner Unbound.

Obama takes another step toward dictatorship

Speaking at a political-style rally in Cleveland, Obama decreed that the new Consumer Finance Protection Bureau shall be headed by Richard Cordray, and he also named three others to fill vacant positions on the National Labor Relations Board. These are all positions that require Senate confirmation. "I refuse to take 'no' for an answer," Obama said, apparently referring to Constitutional limitations on his power.
from Obama Decrees Congress Irrelevant....

OK, since you won't take "no," and the Constitution requires you to accept "no" if that's what Congress decides, then how about "you're outta there?"

What I find so disgusting is that he essentially publicly announced that he has taken dictatorial powers in the guise of appointing someone to protect us from financial predators, i.e. his masters.  He is addicted to telling big lies in public, because it makes him feel so much more clever than everyone else.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mysterious uploads in background average 6MB daily

Out of curiosity over how much data I consume, I got a copy of Bandwidth Monitor Pro, and besides discovering that I consume a surprising amount of data considering the sorts of things I do, I also discovered that my computer uploads about 6 MB daily.  Considering that the "uploads" which I initiate consist of requests for web pages and small blog entries, I doubt that they add up to anything like 6 MB.

Furthermore, even when my ISP denies me internet access for no good reason, my computer downloads and uploads a few hundred KB in the short time before I shut down my connection, which I do because it would be pointless to leave it on.  So, it would seem that even though I can't access the internet, it, or someone on it, can access my computer.

Body reportedly found on Queen's vast estate

British police are poring over cold cases in their investigation into the body of a young woman found on the grounds of Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham country estate.
The body was discovered by a member of the public on the queen's sprawling estate in Eastern England on New Year's Day. The remains were lying in woodlands in Anmer, a tiny village....

from British Police Probe Cold Cases After Woman's Body Found on Queen Elizabeth's Estate

In these cases, it's a good idea to question the butler, especially if he typically goes missing shortly before the full Moon.  It could also be a total hoax.

Fitting end to the American phase of the "war on terror" in Iraq

It’s true that, if you were looking for low-rent victories in a near trillion-dollar war, this time, as various reporters and pundits pointed out, U.S. diplomats weren’t rushing for the last helicopter off an embassy roof amid chaos and burning barrels of dollars. In other words, it wasn’t Vietnam and, as everyone knew, that was a defeat.
... consider just how the final unit of American troops left Iraq.
In other words, the Iraqis were meant to wake up the morning after to find their foreign comrades gone, without so much as a goodbye. 
from How Two Wars in the Greater Middle East Revealed the Weakness of the Global Superpower

This glorious triumph over evil occurred on 12/18/11 (at the beginning of the week of the winter solstice), at 2:30 a.m.  The convoy consisted of 110 vehicles.  A fitting end to the American phase of "the war on terror" [33 42 29 94, i.e. 6 6 11 13] in Iraq, which was actually a war on civilization and mankind in Iraq, a Satanic reign of terror, and advanced SRA on a vast scale, in which the majority of the US soldiers involved (and their loved ones) were among the victims.  This is how an outbreak of SRA typically ends - almost imperceptibly, so that when it's over, people don't even notice that it ended, which has the effect of relegating it to the Twilight Zone in the minds of the vast majority of mankind.

This "war," like the "war" in Vietnam, was essentially a vast Satanic ritual, but some humanly-recognizable good also undoubtedly came of it despite our Nazi government's best efforts.  There are also mysterious reasons related to human destiny for such "wars." So, although this "war" might have been a success from the perspective of Satan and certain higher beings, it was indeed a debacle and war-crimes spree from a human perspective.

However, the "war on terror" in Iraq has now entered a new phase which various pundits believe will lead to the disintegration of what little civilization remains, and this would constitute the actual "victory."

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

EIR article on NDAA pulls no punches

The definitions are so vague THAT ANYONE WHO OPPOSES THE ADMINISTRATION'S WAR ON TERRORISM POLICIES could be deemed as "substantially supporting" al-Qaeda or the Taliban, or "associated forces" and locked away without charge or trial in a war that, by definition, has no end.

There are no practical limitations placed on the President in doing so, either. "This bill authorizes permanent warfare anywhere in the world," Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) told the House on Dec. 14. "It gives the President unchecked power to pursue war. It diminishes the role of this Congress."

from Congress Gives Obama His Hitlerian Enabling Act

This is one of the most visceral articles I've seen on this subject. Obama's signing statement was another one of his smokescreens for this attempted treason.  Hopefully, the Supreme Court will remind him that he will have to explicitly amend the Constitution before he starts ordering people to be executed, as Hitler did to those who recognized him for what he was: an agent of the Devil, literally.

Ron Paul, Establishment "outsider"

If you need more evidence that Ron Paul is an Establishment minion posing as an "outsider" (besides the fact that he's already in Congress), consider his recent interview on CBS News.  The media doesn't cover candidates that don't have the Establishment seal of approval.  LaRouche was a candidate several times, and by far the most qualified to be a real President, and when the media wasn't ignoring him, it was slandering him.  Eventually, the Establishment tried to assassinate him in a raid, but failed due to intervention by Reagan, and settled on railroading him into prison for what they thought would be the rest of his life.  So, if you think that Paul is an outsider, you've been had.

Monday, January 2, 2012

US government's Nazi faction considers us to be subhuman

"The Pentagon has a word for that, too," he went on. "They call it 'bugsplat.' In the opening days of the invasion of Iraq, they ran computer programs, and they called the program the Bugsplat program, estimating how many civilians they would kill with a given bombing raid. 
from 'Bugsplat': the civilian toll of war
Thirdly, Obama has reversed almost every single promise he made to get elected – his word is no good. Given the right civil emergency, Obama could turn to indefinite detention of citizens without hesitation.
Crucially, Obama’s promise that he will not use the law to detain Americans without trial is completely hollow – because it was his administration that demanded the power to do so in the first place.
from Obama’s NDAA Signing Statement Is Meaningless

This exposes the "superman" attitude of those in control of our military-intelligence machine, and it explains a lot more than the notion that we invaded Iraq for some good reason.  Obama's recent duplicity exhibited in his signing statement (an admission that he intends to use the Constitution as toilet paper) is another sign of this attitude (i.e. that we're mindless, or that our opinions don't matter).  As I've said from the beginning, the "war on terror" is actually a war on civilization and mankind, and Obama is clearly preparing for shifting it to the US.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ron Paul is the new Ralph Nader

Those who think they're being smart by supporting Ron Paul (who says a lot of things that sound good, but if he actually won would have to change his tune quickly or get assassinated) are probably actually going to end up helping Obama to get re-elected if Paul ends up running for President as a Republican or independent.  The only way Paul would be allowed to become President is if he were to plan on reversing many of his stated positions once in office (known as "being pragmatic" when it comes to supporting British/Satanic policies), particularly his opposition to slavishly supporting that British tool known as "Israel," the keystone of the "Apocalypse."  He would also probably reveal his intent to impose "honest money" policies, i.e. a simple gold standard, which would strangle the economy even further.  American prosperity is based on the effective use of credit issued by a national bank, i.e. a bank with the power to create credit.  Our economic crisis is the result of central banks controlled by the British financial oligarchy, issuing credit for precisely the opposite purpose.  At this point, adopting a simple gold standard would play right into British hands.  It has been tried before (Specie Act), with disastrous results.

According to some political pundits such as Gary Weiss, a third-party candidacy by Paul would likely split the opposition to Obama, thus helping him to get re-elected.