Friday, January 6, 2012

ABC's 20/20 shines a light on another legalistic witch-hunt (revised)

In a quiet suburban community north of Detroit, one Michigan family thought it was witnessing a miracle: After years of silence, their autistic daughter seemed to be finally communicating and even excelling in school. Little did family members know that the technique that seemed to open their daughter's world would provide fodder for an aggressive police investigation that nearly tore the family apart.
It all led to a disturbing conclusion -- one that scientists had been reaching for years, long before the Wendrow case: Facilitated communication is fake.
Howard Shane, who runs a communication center for autistic children at Children's Hospital Boston, said he's been involved in a dozen cases in which parents have faced troubling, false accusations that surfaced through facilitated communication.
Shane, who has studied this phenomenon, said his best explanation of what is going on is something he calls the savior effect. 
"If you think that you are really going to help someone, that alone drives you to put reality aside," he said.
from Michigan Family Alleges Harrowing Misconduct by Prosecutors, Police

It seems clear to me that this is another of organized Satanism's witch-hunts using the power of a justice system, fantasies, and fabricated evidence.  Howard Shane seems honest, but he evidently is too good-hearted to recognize evil, and came up with the "savior effect" to explain FC.

Addendum:  When I initially posted this entry, it had not occurred to me to convert "facilitated communication" to its numerical equivalent, which is 90 150, i.e. 9 6, two of Satanism's "magical numbers."  This indicates that FC was a product of organized Satanism.

Also note that the father who supposedly molested his autistic daughter (and then, as his wife pointed out, did everything he could to help her communicate) was essentially subjected to torture by being kept in a small cell with the lights on constantly, forced to sleep on a concrete floor (probably "for his own safety"), and no doubt subjected to sleep deprivation ("accidentally," of course).  This shows the "morality" of those behind this witch-hunt.

Revision: Added bottom two paragraphs.