Sunday, January 8, 2012

At whom is RMA aimed?

One of the Holy Grails of the Pentagon’s Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) is that Information Age technology and the thought-processes that go along with it would give the war-fighter perfect knowledge of the battlefield. The technology would allow him to look through weather, walls, smoke, around corners, and into caves at what the enemy was doing. The conceptual process would allow him to anticipate what the enemy is thinking and doing, and allow him to act upon the enemy’s “nodes,” cut them, totally disrupt his ability to operate, and thereby change his behavior without having to resort to outmoded “Industrial Age” massed armies and logistics in order to destroy enemy forces.
However, reality, as it always does, intervened. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan degenerated into British-style counterinsurgency (COIN) campaigns....
While [RMA-critic Lt. Col. Gian] Gentile is treated as something of a heretic in the Army, what with counterinsurgency doctrine becoming the new orthodoxy, other officers have issued warnings similar to his.
While Army doctrine calls for a “full spectrum force”— that is, a force able to operate at any point from benign peacekeeping operations and disaster relief, to counterinsurgency, to major combat—the practical effect of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Gentile and others are warning, is that the Army is becoming a counterinsurgency-only force. This problem may be compounded to the degree that the U.S. military adopts concepts and doctrines based on behavior modification....
from Behavior Modification Is No Strategy for War 

If you assume that RMA's theory is a smokescreen, that it's actually aimed at the minds of the humans in the armies which apply it, and that it is intended to lead not to quick victory, but frustration and quagmires  (counterinsurgencies) which are fertile ground for the Satanist faction to practice their religion of sadism, then it seems to make more sense.

Another perspective is that of the 8th Sphere agenda, which is intended to drive the human spirit into escaping into a "fake heaven," a realm of pure fantasy with no connection to Creation, known as the 8th Sphere.  RMA's ostensible purpose, it seems to me, is a hint of the 8th Sphere agenda.  Note that it's supposedly intended to achieve "victory" by creating a defeatist mindset in "the enemy."  The target, as in the 8th Sphere agenda, is "the enemy's" mind.  

The specifically Satanic aspect of the 8S agenda is to create Hell on Earth, and the specifically Luciferic part of this agenda is to cultivate an escapist mentality, and this is clearly all around us. RMA covers both of these bases - it's a fantasy, and it leads to military debacles, and worse.