Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Completely contaminated" Fukushima stay-behind is apparently still healthy

Tomioka, 10 miles (16 kilometers) away from the disaster, is inside the 12.4 mile (20-kilometer) radius of the government-mandated evacuation zone. But that hasn't stopped Naoto Matsumura, 52, a life-long resident and fifth generation farmer, from refusing to heed the mandatory evacuation since the nuclear meltdown.
Matsumura lives without electricity and gets water from a nearby well. He slips out of the exclusion zone only for food and then returns to feed any animals he can. 
He's been tested for radiation contamination, and results show his body is "completely contaminated," he says. But he'll stay, he pledges, as the sole citizen of Tomioka to keep tabs on the government. "We have to decontaminate this area or else this town will die. I will stay to make sure it's done. I want to die in my hometown."
from Resident defiant in Japan's exclusion zone

Note that the article doesn't mention anything about his health.  Believe me, if he were suffering any symptoms from his "complete contamination," it would mention them.  But of course, "eveyone knows" that he'll eventually die of cancer caused by his "extreme" radiation exposure, which raises another question: why wasn't he given a dosimeter, or several as necessary to keep track of his exposure? If he's willing to take the risk, why aren't the authorities interested in using him as an experimental subject?