Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Congress on Haditha: 24 down, 6 billion or so to go

... Murtha was a tough advocate for veterans and had come out early and strong against the war in Iraq, a war that the majority of veterans today say was a mistake. He maintained from the beginning that he raised the specter of Haditha because he felt Washington had unnecessarily created the conditions that led to the killings in the first place, and that a cover-up was engaged in order to hide the devastating truth.
from Jack Murtha and the Ghosts of Haditha

It seems to me that those who committed this atrocity had been driven temporarily insane by the insane "war." At least those they killed didn't suffer very long, and are now in a better place. Based on the verdicts, it would seem that the military court was trying to send a message to Washington to stop abusing the military because putting them in such situations inevitably leads to atrocities.  But Congress is on a mission to depopulate the planet, so it can't waste time fretting about a couple of dozen murdered in a "war" zone.  Right now, it's standing by as Obama works on starting a global nuclear war.