Tuesday, January 3, 2012

EIR article on NDAA pulls no punches

The definitions are so vague THAT ANYONE WHO OPPOSES THE ADMINISTRATION'S WAR ON TERRORISM POLICIES could be deemed as "substantially supporting" al-Qaeda or the Taliban, or "associated forces" and locked away without charge or trial in a war that, by definition, has no end.

There are no practical limitations placed on the President in doing so, either. "This bill authorizes permanent warfare anywhere in the world," Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) told the House on Dec. 14. "It gives the President unchecked power to pursue war. It diminishes the role of this Congress."

from Congress Gives Obama His Hitlerian Enabling Act

This is one of the most visceral articles I've seen on this subject. Obama's signing statement was another one of his smokescreens for this attempted treason.  Hopefully, the Supreme Court will remind him that he will have to explicitly amend the Constitution before he starts ordering people to be executed, as Hitler did to those who recognized him for what he was: an agent of the Devil, literally.