Sunday, January 29, 2012

Garvey's family not so useless after all

The Long Island teen whose story of academic excellence while her family fell into homelessness was back in the news yesterday—Suffolk County officials presented Samantha Garvey, her parents and two siblings with keys to a new house! The home, which is being rented to low-income families by Suffolk County, has three bedrooms and was offered to the Garveys after Samantha's story was featured on the front page of Newsday.
from Inspiring Homeless Teen Scholar No Longer Homeless

Isn't it amazing that affordable housing for Samantha Garvey's family suddenly materialized when it became apparent to the Masters of the Universe that she might be useful to them? (We should thank them for making the Sun rise, and for arranging global events to contractually force Jesus to return and save us from them.)

Now comes the effort to turn Garvey to the dark side.