Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Google driverless cars: Now the lawyers weigh in

Even as Google tests its small fleet of self-driving vehicles on California highways, legal scholars and government officials are warning society has only begun wrestling with the changes needed to a system created a century ago for horseless carriages.
from Driverless cars yield to reality

The bottom line is that getting from Point A to Point B must always be some combination of life-threatening and onerous, except for the wealthy, as usual, who party in their limos and private jets.  If a peasant so much as sniffs a cork and gets behind the wheel, he's essentially a child killer, according to "zero tolerance laws" made for the benefit of lawyers.  Even if he's driving well, but his BAL is measurable although within the legal limit, he is arrested and prosecuted on what is essentially a morals charge: having too much fun.  By this metric, SkyTran will never be implemented, because it's too effective in almost all weather, too efficient, too safe, too enjoyable, and there's nothing in it for the lawyers and insurance companies.