Tuesday, January 24, 2012

IMF finally proposes a solution to the economic crisis; Obama has another

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The euro zone debt crisis is escalating and could derail the global economic recovery, the International Monetary Fund warned on Tuesday as it called for urgent action to restore confidence.
from IMF warns that Europe poses global recession threat

Some question we're not supposed to ask:

A) What ever happened to the previous solutions from these same experts?
B) How could their "solutions" have helped the economy?
C) What is "the economy?"

Face it: their goal is the disintegration of the economy, i.e. to prevent us from producing what we need.  They're lying -  their "solutions" are working. Obama, who claims to support a revival of the manufacturing economy when it serves his political ambitions (while trying to plunge the world into nuclear war behind the scenes), is their puppet and is therefore lying, but also because he likes it.