Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mignini's revenge

After a year-long appeals trial, Italy released Knox during a global spectacle on Oct, 3, 2011. She returned to her hometown of Seattle faster than a freed Iranian hostage. Enrolled at the University of Washington, she’s refused all interviews but has signed with a super-power lawyer to nail down a book deal expected to reach seven figures. While locals pay little attention, the paparazzi still hounds the photogenic 24-year-old.
from Amanda Knox acquittal tops world’s trial stories

The fact that "paparazzi" continue to hound Knox supports my contention that she is one of organized Satanism's designated targets. Why aren't they hounding Mignini, now that the acquittal-report has raised so many questions about his persecution of Knox and Sollecito? Because they essentially WORK for Mignini! The purpose is to make her feel as if she's still in prison (note that the name of Alex Jones' website Prison Planet seems to reflect an awareness of Satanism's top-level agenda, which I call the "8th Sphere Agenda").

Satanism will never forgive her for escaping from their agent Mignini's intended life sentence in Hell.  It is nothing if not utterly relentless, as can be seen by what's happening at Gitmo, that R&D lab dedicated to creating utter hopelessness.  This top-secret research is apparently used for writing software which determines the optimal form of torment for any given person and moment, based on a wide array of inputs. This torment is then implemented by organized Satanism, which has agents everywhere, undermining people's lives and trying to drive the human spirit out of the world. This, besides recruiting more creatures likes themselves, is their mission. (Sometimes, they do things that make no sense precisely because they make no sense.) Various Campaigner articles which exposed aspects of this literally diabolical program back in the 70's and 80's can be found on my website The Campaigner Unbound.