Monday, January 30, 2012

More of St. Giuliano's sadism

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... Knox may even return this year to testify as a defense witness for her parents who were charged with slandering the Perugia police, ANSA reported Tuesday.
from Attorney: Amanda Knox 'loves' Italy, may return soon

When Amanda Knox was in court facing the murder charge, she insisted that she had been beaten - hit on the head - by Italian police during her interrogation. The police have always denied the allegation. 
Amanda was interrogated for nine straight hours in one session, and finally signed an incriminating statement at 5:45 in the morning. 
"I was very very scared, because they were treating me so badly and I didn't understand why," she said in court. 
In an interview two years ago with the London Times newspaper, Amanda's parents were quoted repeating the beating allegation. 
"Amanda was abused physically and verbally," her parents told the paper. "She told us she was hit in the back of the head by a police officer with an open hand, at least twice. The police told her, 'If you ask for a lawyer, things will get worse for you.'" 
Now the police in Perugia, where the murder of British student Meredith Kercher took place, have started legal proceedings against Amanda and her parents, who live in Seattle - accusing them of slander.
from Amanda Knox's Parents Face Italy Slander Trial
The report also pointed out how Miss Knox had been subjected to a 'long and arduous' police interrogation, following the murder four years ago in the Italian hilltop town of Perugia, noting that she was a 'foreigner and spoke barely a word of Italian'.
from Police and prosecutors blasted for 'harsh treatment' of Amanda Knox and outlandish theories over Meredith Kercher's murder 

This is just more of Mignini's SRA against Knox, her family, and friends.  He led the coven that "interrogated" her - it's his coven.  He's the one that came up with the notion of charging her parents with slander, and dragging them back to Italy.  I don't know why they don't just force Italy to extradite them.

It's essentially the word of Mignini's sadistic, lying coven, vs. the word of Knox, who has been proven to be much more truthful.  She blamed Lumumba, but as Perugia Shock pointed out, her motivation for doing so was obviously due to overwhelming pressure during the "interrogation," because she couldn't have known whether he had an alibi, and whether her claim would be proven false.  She made the statement under duress.

The fact that the court has not dismissed the slander charges, after admitting that the police subjected her to an abusive interrogation without allowing her to have a lawyer present and without recording it (both of which are required by law), and after admitting that she was put through four years of hell for no good reason [1], only goes to prove my assertion that it is firmly in the grip of organized Satanism, the power behind Mignini. If she goes to Italy, she better be surrounded by body guards and her lawyers.

Rev A: Added Note 1
[1] Her three years in prison, besides the year waiting for trial, were "justified" by holding her responsible for implicating Lumumba, although she only implicated him under intense pressure following her false arrest.  Lumumba would not have suffered any consequences if the police had followed proper protocol, instead of acting as if Knox's forced statement was proven fact, and running roughshod over him.