Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NY Times unwittingly exposes SRA disguised as interrogation

I was taken to Kandahar, in Afghanistan, where American interrogators asked me the same questions for several weeks: Where is Osama bin Laden? Was I with Al Qaeda? No, I told them, I was not with Al Qaeda. No, I had no idea where bin Laden was.
At one point, I was chained to the ceiling of a building and hung by my hands for days. A doctor sometimes checked if I was O.K.; then I would be strung up again. The pain was unbearable.
After about two months in Kandahar, I was transferred to Guantánamo. There were more beatings, endless solitary confinement, freezing temperatures and extreme heat, days of forced sleeplessness. The interrogations continued always with the same questions. I told my story over and over — my name, my family, why I was in Pakistan. Nothing I said satisfied them. I realized my interrogators were not interested in the truth.
from Notes From a Guantánamo Survivor

The real reason for the questioning was to make what was in fact SRA look like interrogation.  I've seen this over and over: lots of torture/torment, interspersed with moronic, robotic "interrogation" which is not intended to produce information.  As Murnaz said, they weren't interested in the truth.  In fact, they can't handle the truth, which is that they're a bunch of suckers who've been had in the worst possible way.  They'll eventually get to experience everything they caused in their misguided quest for occult powers, and if they "succeed," "occult powers" will get THEM for the rest of their physical existences.