Friday, January 20, 2012

Obama, as usual, creating enemies by projecting his own guilt

"I do believe that there is a power of the people, and there is a growing frustration among the people over the operations of government, corruption, lack of transparency, and issues that affect the Chinese people on a daily basis, that they feel they are being neglected," said Locke.
Locke then went on to attack the Chinese government's human rights record across the board, as "worsening" but being increasingly confronted by the people.
from War Provocation: Obama's China Ambassador Talks of Revolution

This is just Obama projecting his crimes, via his ambassadors, onto those he hopes to invade next.  He's turning America into nothing but a British imperial weapon against civilization, interspersed with public appearances intended to boost his popularity.  As he works to plunge the world into nuclear war, his masters have been creating the illusion of a feeble economic recovery, just in time for the election.