Friday, January 27, 2012

Obama's on the campaign trail, so don your hip-waders

Barack Obama has taken pandering to the Israeli lobby to shameful new levels. In a frankly shocking video, even by US standards, in what I can only describe as one the most cynical pieces of electioneering I have witnessed in my lifetime, Obama’s team has released a video re-affirming the USA’s special relationship with Zionism, and their unwavering commitment to supporting a state which draws legitimate comparisons to South Africa under apartheid.
from Barack Obama’s “unbreakable bond” with Israel

There you go again, paying attention to what this creature says. In this case, his actions will correspond to his words, because he's trying to ignite "Armageddon," in which many Jews, whom this latent Hitler lyingly professes to love, will have to die to "fulfill prophecy." (The Settlers will probably bug out, mission accomplished, just before the attack begins.)  But in general, it's best to ignore what he says (especially while he's campaigning), and just watch what he does, as much as possible, behind the scenes.