Friday, January 6, 2012

Obama's US military strategy: Orgies of advanced Satanism will be smaller, and most destruction will be done from a distance

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said, in his remarks, that the Army and the Marine Corps "will no longer need to be sized to support the large-scale, long-term stability operations that dominated military priorities and force generation over the past decade." Instead, there will be greater reliance on naval and air forces, to include heavy emphasis on drones and the development of a new stealth bomber, which itself will be "optionally manned." "The U.S. Joint Force will be smaller and leaner," said Panetta, "but its great strength will be that it is agile, flexible, ready to deploy, innovative and technologically advanced." 
from Nerobama Announces His Imperial War Plan

"Large-scale, long-term stability operations?" Could he be more revolting? That must be his euphemism for wiping out the human race, or for creating a horde of pod-people ("stability": definitely possessed).  The "joint force" wars will be fought wherever there are people who can to killed and tortured with impunity, so that the core of pod people created in the "war on terror" can supplement itself as necessary.  As usual, there will be a lot of secret flights of civilians disguised as "CIA agents," or whatever, into and out of the "war" zone, and some of the victims will be secretly flown to torture chambers all over the world for the convenience of Satanists in those areas.  Every once in a while, a hint of this activity will be leaked just to wave it under our noses and mock our obliviousness to the horror, and Panetta or his successor will tell us, very seriously and cryptically, with furrowed brow, that "we do Not-Torture," where "Not Torture" is the official US brand of torture that leaves no obvious marks ("no blood [77], no foul" [83]).