Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our Nazi/Satanist government again wipes its, uh, feet on the Constitution

The bill then goes on to assert that the two flotillas in 2010 and 2011 opposing Israel’s blockade of Gaza were terrorist actions.
If people cannot see what a slippery slope all of this is, they not thinking very clearly. HR 3131 is admittedly still sitting in congressional committee, but it has some very powerful sponsors, including Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, who heads the Foreign Affairs Committee and is a rabid supporter of Israel. The bill not only indicts whole groups of people exercising their constitutional rights and labels them “terrorists,” IT EVEN NAMES ONE AMERICAN WHO WAS, AT THE TIME, BREAKING NO U.S. LAW. KLUSMIRE’S ONLY CRIME WAS TO “SET SAIL WITHOUT PERMISSION” — IN GREECE.  
from Creating American Terrorists (emphasis added)

Ros-Lehtinen, from my perspective, is most likely a literal witch disguised as an "Israel right or wrong" Jew.  It is, after all, the linchpin of the fake Apocalype, a product of Nazi Germany which was originally supported by her forerunners.  This bill reflects the emerging attitude of our actual government, of which Ros-Lehtinen is probably an agent, that new laws are not required to have any basis in the Constitution, logic, or facts, and that they can just spew some gibberish on the floor of Congress and start locking people up in some dungeon run by Reesian mind-destroyers, or killing them with missiles fired from the cloud of drones circling the planet, like a modern Zeus with his thunderbolts.