Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Over $200K spent to make Mignini's fantasy "real"

... this week we learned that Mignini wasted $214,000 on a ludicrous, near fictional video recreation of his pornographic “sex game gone wrong” crime theory. 
from Amanda Knox prosecutor wasted $214, 000 on nutty crime scene video

This is just another example of how Satanism is the top priority of governments around the world, or rather, the various divisions of THE government. The cost of course will be added to the Italian debt, which is the product of wasteful spending, which is intended to provide an excuse to strangle what remains of the economy. [1] Mignini's "reconstruction" has no resemblance to the reality, which is reflected in the reconstruction by Ron Hendry, an expert in such matters. But this is typical of the fantasies spun by Satanists to project their crimes onto innocents, in order to get the most mileage out of the original crime. The Knox case is just one of many, but it's so blatant that I like to use it as an example.

[1] "Extreme radiation" is the excuse for doing nothing in the Fukushima evacuation zone. If the government had heeded the warnings to take steps to prevent precisely such a disaster, they wouldn't have an excuse to abandon the area, and to start getting the Japanese people a taste of "the new normal" (a phrase that comes out of one side of their mouths now and then).  Allowing civilization to collapse, when it will do so on its own, is the actual goal. Haiti is another good example of this.

In areas that might otherwise survive, THE government finds some excuse to send in the bombers, always managing to miss the phantom terrorists and destroy the infrastructure instead. Where's the promised reconstruction in Libya? Destruction and chaos was always the goal, as I wrote originally, although it didn't unfold exactly as I expected.