Saturday, January 28, 2012

Possible parallels between Haditha and Liege (Rev A)

(Rev A - Moved text to note 1 and clarified it.)

While mulling over the apparently rage-fueled mass murder of Iraqis in Haditha, another possibility occurred to me, which is that this was the result of some sort of temporary Satanic possession, such as by the Spirits of Darkness.  Rudolf Steiner vaguely indicated that something similar occurred in the aftermath of the Battle of Liege in WWI:

What matters is that neither [Tirpitz or Ludendorff] carries the true Christian impulse in his heart and soul. Their development stopped short at an earlier stage of humanity's evolution. 
The spirits [1] can approach and subjugate mentalities of spiritual configurations that Tirpitz and Ludendorff represent.  Such a mentality ["Caesar" or "superman" mentality] attracts these spirits: it is their means of gaining control. And thereby an alien element, coming from a spiritual sphere, can enter into the decisions such individuals make.
The town of Luttich (Liege) was captured on the sixth day of August.... What occurred was solely due to his own swift decision. In this action, Ludendorff lost his normal consciousness. His state of mind becamed that of Caesar, a darkened consciousness that opens the door for the Ahrimanic world to enter.

from The Archangel Michael: His Mission and Ours
(Anthroposophic Press, 1994, p 172; part of this lecture can be found here)

I never realized "what occurred" until I did a little digging into the history of the invasion of Belgium, which led me to Rape of Belgium, which included buring a library containing a huge collection of ancient books. The similarities to the "war on terror" can hardly be missed.  It seems to me that perhaps guerrilla warfare is arranged by organized Satanism precisely in order to lead soldiers into situations which cause them to become overwhelmed with rage, leading to possession and war crimes.

However, I can only speculate whether what happened at Haditha was a result of possession, which sort of Satanic spirit might have taken possession, and whether the resulting possession is temporary or persistent.  It would explain how US soldiers could end up gunning down children, despite their training which might have included video simulations of such situations, with the intent of ingraining them with reflexes which would prevent them from doing so.

[1] Steiner was apparently referring to proto-human "Jupiter men" from the realm of Mammon, since he specifically referred to them earlier in the lecture. These are what I suspect Nietzsche meant in part by "supermen," since they gain access to human souls through abandonment to one's lowest nature, as opposed to demonic possession, which is elicited by SRA.