Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ron Paul is the new Ralph Nader

Those who think they're being smart by supporting Ron Paul (who says a lot of things that sound good, but if he actually won would have to change his tune quickly or get assassinated) are probably actually going to end up helping Obama to get re-elected if Paul ends up running for President as a Republican or independent.  The only way Paul would be allowed to become President is if he were to plan on reversing many of his stated positions once in office (known as "being pragmatic" when it comes to supporting British/Satanic policies), particularly his opposition to slavishly supporting that British tool known as "Israel," the keystone of the "Apocalypse."  He would also probably reveal his intent to impose "honest money" policies, i.e. a simple gold standard, which would strangle the economy even further.  American prosperity is based on the effective use of credit issued by a national bank, i.e. a bank with the power to create credit.  Our economic crisis is the result of central banks controlled by the British financial oligarchy, issuing credit for precisely the opposite purpose.  At this point, adopting a simple gold standard would play right into British hands.  It has been tried before (Specie Act), with disastrous results.

According to some political pundits such as Gary Weiss, a third-party candidacy by Paul would likely split the opposition to Obama, thus helping him to get re-elected.