Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Sectarian" terrorism in Iraq: Satanism is a "sect" too

BEIRUT: Hezbollah accused the United States Thursday of being behind the latest wave of bomb attacks on Shiite Muslim pilgrims in Iraq. The party said the bombings, which killed at least 68 and wounded more than 100, were in retaliation for America’s defeat.
from Hezbollah blames deadly bombings in Iraq on U.S. occupation forces

The use of terrorism indeed suggests the involvement of some tentacle of the British empire, and Hezbollah might be correct in assuming that US "stay behind" elements are in the loop. (The actual bombers might have been motivated by threats against their families, or perhaps they were unwittingly transporting the bombs, which might have been remotely detonated.)

Now that I might be in agreement with a US-defined "terrorist" organization (as opposed to the US, which only inadvertently commits terrorism, and on a far greater scale), will I disappear from the parking lot of a Walmart and be driven insane by not-torture on British agent Obama's orders, as a means of "defending" the US (which, by the way, Obama is destroying)?