Thursday, January 19, 2012

TSA heaps lies upon abuse, since the ugly truth isn't an option

In their letters to the New York politicians, Mr. Pistole and Ms. Markey disputed some of the details of the women's accounts. They said Ms. Zimmerman had raised her shirt voluntarily.
Likewise, she said Ms. Sherman also initially had lowered her pants voluntarily and was never asked to remove any items of clothing....
Ms. Zimmerman ... told the Daily News that she was upset that federal officials still were insisting that she hadn't been asked to remove clothing.
"They're lying," she said. "I don't have a problem with the back brace. I have a problem with being strip-searched," she said.
from TSA admits errors in searches of elderly women in N.Y.
They'll probably just throw money from the unlimited budget for Satanism at the victims, until they go away.  But as far as holding a Nietzschean superman (or superwoman) accountable ... are you serious?  The important thing is to give them the opportunity to conquer their consciences by doing something so low that it would never even enter the minds of most humans.  The inability of most people to imagine such scumminess ensures that few people take such claims seriously.

The same goes for those Marines who made that pornographic video of themselves desecrating "Taliban" bodies, which was explained away as typical "rogue" behavior, which it wasn't - it was qualitatively unique, and as some high military officials have said, despicable.  At least one commentator compared it to the Abu Ghraib outrage.