Friday, January 6, 2012

Tucson shooting incident: Series of coincidences, or orchestration from below?

Because the anniversary of the Tucson shooting incident is approaching, I went back over my entries on the subject.  I noted that Loughner had to go to two stores in order to get the bullets he needed (a clerk at the first store refused to sell him a single box of bullets, and he went to another store, where he bought ten boxes).  Therefore, a "black-ops" scenario seems highly unlikely.

I concluded that this tragic incident could be the result of an extremely unlikely series of coincidences, but after mulling it over for a while, another thought occurred to me, which is that perhaps Loughner wasn't the only person being influenced by the Spirits of Darkness.  (The fact that he had an interest in Nietzsche, whose writings were influenced by the Spirits of Darkness, might have been a sign of their influences. Maybe they suggested Nietzsche to him as a sort of "calling card.")  Perhaps they were also planting thoughts, which is one of their abilities, in the minds of those who made key decisions which on the surface appear to have been coincidences.  To control someone thoroughly, they usually pick on weak-minded people such as Loughner, but I suppose they might also find fertile soil in people who aren't putting a lot of thought into a decision.

But this is just a possibility, and I can't prove it.  Still, I believe it is a possibility. It helps me to understand how so many people could have missed the glaring signs of trouble brewing.  The community college police came very close to having Loughner evaluated, but ultimately decided not to do so, and this has never been explained.  It would be interesting to learn what went into that decision.