Monday, January 2, 2012

US government's Nazi faction considers us to be subhuman

"The Pentagon has a word for that, too," he went on. "They call it 'bugsplat.' In the opening days of the invasion of Iraq, they ran computer programs, and they called the program the Bugsplat program, estimating how many civilians they would kill with a given bombing raid. 
from 'Bugsplat': the civilian toll of war
Thirdly, Obama has reversed almost every single promise he made to get elected – his word is no good. Given the right civil emergency, Obama could turn to indefinite detention of citizens without hesitation.
Crucially, Obama’s promise that he will not use the law to detain Americans without trial is completely hollow – because it was his administration that demanded the power to do so in the first place.
from Obama’s NDAA Signing Statement Is Meaningless

This exposes the "superman" attitude of those in control of our military-intelligence machine, and it explains a lot more than the notion that we invaded Iraq for some good reason.  Obama's recent duplicity exhibited in his signing statement (an admission that he intends to use the Constitution as toilet paper) is another sign of this attitude (i.e. that we're mindless, or that our opinions don't matter).  As I've said from the beginning, the "war on terror" is actually a war on civilization and mankind, and Obama is clearly preparing for shifting it to the US.