Friday, February 17, 2012

British mouthpieces set stage for false-flag black ops to be blamed on Iran

The British continue promulgating disinformation, making the absurd claim that Iran is planning a joint terror operation with the Saudi-financed al-Qaeda.
from British Spread More Iran Disinformation

To anyone who realizes that Al Qaeda is essentially a patsy for terrorism committed by black-ops-type special forces, perhaps privatized, the meaning of this warning is clear: the British empire is about to launch a terrorism spree which naturally will be blamed on their "Al Qaeda" patsies (whom we supposedly largely eliminated, at least when it serves their purposes to say so), but this time supposedly in alliance with Iran.  As the article points out, the notion of an AQ-Iran alliance is utterly insane, but the British empire is desperate to start a nuclear war, and it's pulling out all the stops.  Until recently, they've been more careful in order to maintain their credibility, to "keep their powder dry" for this final push for "Armageddon."

Similarly, the Taliban, or at least the hard core Taliban, are also patsies for the British empire, or perhaps an "Islamic" branch of British terrorism which takes the blame for all British terrorism.  As evidence of this, see British Kill Afghan Journalist Who Exposed Their Double Game in Afghanistan.  This hard core, I surmise, serves partly as a recruitment office for Afghans who have been provoked into becoming cannon-fodder, such as suicide bombers or IED-planters.