Friday, February 3, 2012

Chief Vitamin D pusher is a "behavioral nutritionist" (Rev A)

Rev A (see Notes)
Tyrants don’t take to science easily. They always fight back. And the vitamin D council is doing so by inventing a new disease known as “Vitamin D Deficiency Syndrome,” or VDDS.
According to Dr. Cannell, VDDS exists for anyone with 25-D blood levels equal to or less than 25ng/ml who also have two or more of the following conditions: osteoporosis, heart disease, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, certain cancers, depression, chronic fatigue or chronic pain. And since sunshine won’t help you meet this artificial level, most of us are going to qualify as patients based on the faulty, 25-D blood test.
... Did you know that Cannell’s previous gig was as a psychiatrist in a hospital for the criminally insane? Now you do. Psychiatrists are master disease branders and drug pushers. It’s no surprise that once your diagnosed deficient by his standards, he’ll sell you his own “vitamin danger” as, “Dr. Cannell’s Advanced D.”
Truth be told, vitamin D2 and D3 are man-made drugs, suitable for rat poison, not vitamins. And the University of Colorado reminded the scientific community of this danger when they published, “In fact, baits containing large quantities of vitamin D are used very effectively as rodenticides (rat poison).”
Writing for the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism, scientists showed that vitamin D consumption, decreases parathyroid function and may depress bone turnover to some degree. Trevor Marshall, PhD, professor at Australia’s Murdoch University School of Biological Medicine and Biotechnology DEMONSTRATED THAT IT SUPPRESSES THE IMMUNE SYSTEM, concluding that, “The comprehensive studies are just not showing that supplementary vitamin D makes people healthier.”
from Stinky Sulfur Award Warns about Unapproved "Vitamin D" Drug Disguised as Vitamin

(Unfortunately, this article includes a lot of salty language, but the author is one of the few experts telling the unvarnished truth about Vit D.)

So, it turns out that the Vitamin D Council (website) , which I once regarded as the definitive source of infomation on Vit D, and which pushes Vit D by the boatload, is run by what appears to be Reesian psychiatrists, whose mission is to implement the 8th Sphere agenda, and part of which is to cause as much suffering as possible without driving people to commit suicide.  When such creatures are in charge of economic policy, as in the early days of the Obama administration (and probably to this day, but from behind an impenetrable veil of secrecy), they're known as "behavioral economists," i.e. specialists in luring the world off an economic cliff.

At Gitmo, the "worst of the worst" (i.e. Crowley's "outcast and unfit," labeled "terrorists") are prevented from starving themselves to death by force-feeding them in a manner which is designed to increase their suffering.  The idea there is to apparently push suffering beyond the point where it drives people into committing suicide, so that their only "escape" is mental/spiritual.  The Devil's ultimate goal is to drive the human spirit literally out of the world, and into the 8th Sphere, a fake "Heaven" created by the forces of evil, characterized as a realm of pure fantasy without any connection to Creation.  Earth would then become an "animal planet," where humans would be reduced to mindless drones, apparently with "artificial intelligence" modules surgically implanted to make them useful as slaves to the black magicians and/or pod people who would rule the planet.  This is the danger of the current crisis.

The opportunity is to progress to the next stage of evolution, an advanced form of consciousness in which we would retain our ability to think while obtaining etheric perception.  This is why I'm somewhat fatalistic regarding the plans to depopulate the planet, while being so opposed to the Reesian agenda.  Then there's the necessity for a certain amount of suffering. If everything were handed to us on a silver platter, we would have no incentive to think sufficiently, and developing our ability to think is a major goal of the current phase of our evolution.  Without the irritation of a grain of sand, oysters wouldn't produce pearls.

One of the effects of Vit D3 consumption, according to the above-referenced article and sources quoted in my health-related blog (here) is to suppress the immune system.  It was a couple of weeks after I started taking large doses of D3 as recommended by the Vit D Council that I developed a fungal sinus infection, although taking potassium bicarbonate, as recommended by a couple of internet sources whom I considered to be trustworthy, probably contributed to it.

Fungal sinus infections are very difficult to eradicate, and apparently epidemic (also apparently disguised as allergies).  The medical establishment's lack of serious effort to provide treatments for this condition to the general public soon became apparent to me after going to my  primary care provider, who didn't order a culture but instead prescribed expensive broad-spectrum antibiotics, which would tend to exacerbate a fungal infection. When it became apparent that these weren't going to help, I realized that the infection was fungal in nature, and naively requested an antifungal drug.  So, my "caregiver" prescribed oral antifungal medication (Nystatin), which doesn't do a thing for sinus infections, and she would have known this.  In the interest of using it properly, I then did some research into it, and quickly discovered that it is useless for a sinus infection.  So, naturally I didn't take it and decided that seeking a cure through my "caregiver" was worse than useless.

There is a clinic, The Biamonte Center for Clinical Nutrition (website), which appears to have an effective treatment program (which requires the patient to abstain from certain vitamins, including D), although as with any medical treatment, there are no guarantees, and if the clinic or some lab involved in the process decides to sabotage the treatment and claim that some cases just don't respond, you're out of luck and a lot of money. Buyer beware.

There are indications that lufenuron is being pushed by organized Satanism (see for example Candida Away's "12 Hour Cure" [12 62 47, i.e. 74 47, i.e. 11 11] page, which features the usual blissfully happy masks, the ludicrous selling points, the "Satanic codes" and the bullet-proof disclaimers ), although there is that video in which someone claims to have been cured of candida by taking lufenuron (here).  He's either telling the truth, or one of the best liars on the planet.  Perhaps it helped him because his immune system is in good condition, whereas someone whose immune system is weaker, such as due to age or Vit D3 consumption, might not be so lucky.

Unfortunately, Lufenuron also causes lethargy, dullness, and disorientation which lasts a few weeks after the end of treatment (as I reported here), and this might be one of the reasons why organized Satanism is apparently pushing it.  However, IF it's effective at getting rid of a fungal overgrowth, and the prospective user can get by with reduced mental capacity, it might be the way to go.

But since I am not qualified to provide medical advice, I have to say that anyone considering the use of lufenuron should consult with a trustworthy medical expert, but as indicated by this entry, finding one isn't trivial.

Rev A: Added indication that mental effects of lufenuron are temporary