Sunday, February 12, 2012

Details on identities of "rebels" in Syria (Rev A)

In January, Michel Chossudovsky reported British media confirming UK/CIA/MI6 operatives in Syria training anti-Assad Western-backed insurgents. They’re also supplying them with arms, ammunition, and equipment.
from NATO’s “Secret War” on Syria: Replicating the Libya Model

As revealing as this article is, it closes by stating that the goal is regional dominance, although without indicating that the purpose of this dominance is ultimately the "spontaneous" destruction of civilization and mankind - a sort of "unintended consequence of democratic free trade."  Look at what we've done to Iraq in the name of "fighting terrorism," and now it's coming out that there has been no real progress in Afghanistan either, after spending THOUSANDS OF BILLIONS of dollars on Cheney's "cakewalk."

Like I said years ago, the "war on terror" is a combination of a war on civilization and advanced Satanism on a vast scale, with most of our military among the victims.  "Islamic terrorists" appear when and where needed in order to "justify" destruction.  Most recently, they've donned their "Syrian freedom fighter" hats (as front-men for British dirty ops, as usual), and in this case, the Syrian government is the villain. When Syria's destroyed, the "uprising" will dissipate and the "war on terror" will move elsewhere, or become a world war with Russia and China.

Rev A - Indicated that serving as front-men for British dirty-ops is Al Qaeda's usual role.