Sunday, February 5, 2012

Egyptian police up to their old tricks

Twin brothers who play for the football team Al-Masry, whose match against a rival team in Egypt ended in a massacre, claim the violence was encouraged by the police with the backing of the army.
from Egyptian police incited massacre at stadium, say angry footballers

This is entirely consistent with my previous conclusion (here) that the real Egyptian government is a division of organized Satanism (Mubarak is their fall guy), and that Cairo is the "Mecca" of the Cult of Isis, which is the "mother" of organized Satanism.  In this case, the police were apparently trying to fan the flames of unrest, as part of their chaos agenda, and to provide them with more opportunities to beat people up, lock them up, and subject them to "interrogation" (torture sprinkled with inane questions), for purposes of SRA.  Again, it's possible that those conducting the "interrogations" are just some Satanists from anywhere on the planet, brought in for some quality SRA at some Egyptian peasant's expense.