Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Energizer Bunny of Italy's "justice" system comes after Knox again

The family of Amanda Knox said today that efforts by Italian prosecutors to put her back in prison is "an example of the harassment" by prosecutors who are intent on prolonging "this terrible, painful incident."
Knox's family put out the statement after prosecutor Giovanni Galati filed a 112-page appeal seeking to throw out a court ruling that found Knox innocent of her roommate's murder and set her free after four years in an Italian prison.
Galati said he is "very convinced" that Knox and her former Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito killed Meredith Kercher....
from Amanda Knox's Family Slams 'Harassment' By Italian Prosecutor

Galati, who would be Mignini's puppet, waited until we forgot that there there is no evidence that either Knox or Sollecito was involved in the murder, that the persecution's case (which consisted of fantasies, false testimony, and fabricated "evidence") was all but exposed as a pathetic frame-up, and that the very notion that they would have been involved is insane.  Then, he simply reasserted that he REALLY, REALLY BELIEVES that she did it.  Well, SO WHAT?  He can believe all he wants, but THAT IS NOT EVIDENCE.

This is also intended to torment Knox over her decision to return to Italy to defend her parents against a charge that any court not controlled by organized Satanism would have dismissed.  I don't know why her parents don't force the Italian government to extradite them.  It might decide that the charges should have been dropped.  If it doesn't, then the US government would have to get involved, in an election year, and go on record as supporting the insanity of the Italian government.  If the Italian government tries to use the CIA's rendition of an Islamic cleric from Italy to pressure the US government, then Knox's lawyers could cite it as evidence that they are just trying to get back at the CIA through Knox. Furthermore, in these times of tight budgets, making things too expensive might be all it takes to force the government to decide it's not worth it.