Saturday, February 18, 2012

The FBI waves the truth under our noses again

On Friday, Amine El Khalifi's goal to detonate the vest at the Capitol ended with his arrest in an FBI sting, said U.S. authorities who had been monitoring him for nearly a year. Undercover operatives — not an al-Qaida representative as he believed — gave him a gun and explosives that didn't work, according to an affidavit. He had those items with him when he was taken into custody at a parking garage near the Capitol, a counterterrorism official said.
from Authorities: Terror suspect planned suicide bomb

The moral of this story is that nobody can run a successful terror operation without the cooperation of the FBI. [1] Without them providing him with fake weapons, he would have realized that a significant DIY terror operation is not feasible, and he would have ended up just wishing he could do it, which isn't a crime, unless thoughts are now crimes.

Meanwhile, NATO routinely drops bombs on innocent civilians, and all they have to say is "oops, sorry."  Those responsible aren't even identified (because it would put these great warriors in DANGER, and we can't have that), much less sweated or charged with a war crime.  They're in for a shock when they slither off their mortal coil, however.  "What - Satan lied to ME?!  But he told me that I'm SPECIAL!" (What he meant was "psychopath," i.e. just his type of guy. There's nothing worse that a gang of psychopaths who make and "enforce" the laws.)


[1] By "FBI," I mean the REAL FBI, which is a division of our REAL, fascist/Satanic government, which just recently destroyed Libya and is now raping Syria in the guise of "freedom fighters." Those in the outer circles of the FBI might have run up against the core group once in a while, and wondered about their real agenda.