Monday, February 6, 2012

Hints of the Invisible Hand behind the Knox ordeal

Seattle’s local media did something unprecedented the day Amanda arrived home, after an initial interview they told the family they were leaving to honor the request for privacy and then to the amazement of the national and international media they packed up the trucks and left. The US media followed suit the next day and the Italians left a week later. The British have never left and they are paying the paparazzi to follow Amanda and Raffaele. What little press you’ve seen in the past few months has all been yellow journalism.
The American Embassy in Rome should have seen a Red Flag when Amanda became the second American targeted by Perugia’s Public Minister Giuliano Mignini himself in an 18-month period. Several Protests should have been filed on Amanda’s behalf with the State Department; so far we have not found any, only a few threadbare dispatches, none mentioning FAM laws broken by the Perugians.
from Amanda Knox: The Mask and Mantle

I've previously written that I suspect that one of the motives behind Amanda Knox's ordeal was to serve as a distraction from our governments' treason in service of the British empire, and the above excerpts support this position, because both the Daily Mail and the State Department are British imperial tools.  The Daily Mail is one of the most unabashed outlets of blatant fabrications on the planet, and spying on Knox is partly intended as a form of SRA, by making her feel as if she's still in prison ("Big Brother is watching you"). The current Secretary of State is pushing the British line against Syria, although I don't know her motive.

If Knox's ordeal was intended to serve as a distraction by virtually putting us too in some hellish Italian prison through media coverage of her ordeal, it worked like a charm.  A lot of people were utterly preoccupied with her plight for four years.

Fortunately, I managed to avoid being distracted, and waited until Mignini had stuck his neck all the way out before exposing him for the Satanic monster he is.  Note how the distraction ended just in time for what could be the end-phase of civilization, i.e. the outbreak of thermonuclear world war, the ultimate motive of which would be to allow the Mt. Pelerin Society, (i.e. Satan's Venetian oligarchy's hoary feudalistic "free market" hand reaching out from the grave, waving a copy of The Road to Serfdom by arch-cynic Friedrich von Hayek) to save face.  Actually, I'm being facetious, because there will be no reason to save its face when civilization is instantly plunged into a dark age, thus "explaining" what happened to "the recovery."