Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The major media's new, thinly-veiled alliance with Al Qaeda

Within hours after a McClatchy News story reported that US intelligence officials believe that Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) was behind a series of suicide bombings that have taken place inside Syria, Iraqi officials confirmed that Iraq-based militants are indeed making their way from northern Iraq into Syria.
from More Evidence of the British-Saudi-Al-Qaeda 9/11 Coalition Against Syria

However, if all you know about what's happening in Syria is based on the major media's shouting-points, the fact that it and the rest of the British empire have realigned themselves with Al Qaeda for purposes of "regime change" (chaos) in Syria is lost in the get-Assad hysteria, which has replaced the "get rid of nuclear power" hysteria for the moment.  Never mind the fact that "liberating" Libya has had disastrous results - the British empire and its mouthpiece is out for world war, and they'll do and say whatever they have to do and say to get it.

Also of interest is that Al Qaeda is apparently operating out of Iraq with impunity.  Didn't we invade Afghanistan precisely because Al Qaeda was using it as a haven?  Now, after a decade of war in Iraq, we suddenly don't care whether Al Qaeda operates freely there.  That's because they actually work for us, and in the destroy-Iraq phase of the war on civilization, they supposedly ran around committing terrorism there, providing us with an excuse to bomb the place back to the stone age.  Now Al Qaeda is supposedly helping Syrians to establish democracy, when until recently they've been trying to establish Sharia law globally.  But the implicit alliance between Al Qaeda, the US government, and the major media just isn't mentioned.