Sunday, February 19, 2012

Obama doesn't suffer from hypocrisy - he revels in it

On August 4, 2011, in the midst of his unconstitutional war against Libya, the treasonous British puppet President Barack Obama, issued National Study Directive #10, ordering the creation of "an Interagency Atrocities Prevention Board," to institutionalize mechanisms and procedures for unending, anti-Constitutional United States overseas wars in the name of "preventing genocide." 
from Add Another Atrocity to Obama's Impeachable Offenses

Actually, this is just another instance of his compulsive big lying.  What about the mass atrocity known as the "war on terror," or the atrocities being committed by his masters and projected on their next target, Assad? He really does think he's God, and that we're too stupid to see through his constant lies.  The British play on this belief, by giving him to impression that he has been accepted into the oligarchical fold, to set him against us, but when they're through with him, they'll drop him like a hot potato. He has been diagnosed as a malignant narcissist by experts, but there is a fine line between this condition and psychopathy, which is characterized by a lack of conscience, which Rudolf Steiner might classify as a lack of absorption of the Christ-impulse, a condition which facilitates possession in those who participate in Dionysian wild abandonment, which is typically found in the outermost circles of Satanism.

I've known narcissists, and it's as if any hint that they should care about others sends them into a rage. To them, they are the only ones that matter, and everyone else is a toy, and toys aren't supposed to have lives or minds of their own.  In the course of writing this blurb, I stumbled onto a page entitled Narcissism, Psychopathy, and Evil, which strikes me as unusually precise, written by a forensic psychologist.