Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our real government trots out its "respectable" members to demand Syrian invasion

For those of you who consider my statements in the previous post, regarding the existence of a secret fascist/Satanic government behind our apparent government, to have been unfounded, consider the following:
[The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies] today issued an open letter to Barack Obama, demanding he order an "immediate" U.S. intervention into Syria, in the name of "humanitarian" concerns.
from British Foot-Soldiers Demand Immediate Intervention into Syria

These are, I gather, representatives of our secret government. They evidently decided to exclude Dick, the Lord of the Dark Side from their petition, because he is too closely identified with the "war" in Iraq and Afghanistan. But his wife/puppeteer, who is closely allied with The Fabian Society (33 33 96, i.e. 6 6 6) which includes those most responsible for lying us into that disaster, is on the list. Bill Kristol is also on the list, and how can anyone forget how glibly he lied us into Iraq?  I'm surprised that anyone takes him seriously anymore, but I guess W.C. Fields was right.