Friday, February 24, 2012

Recent reports on IAEA's dealings with Iran shown to be British propaganda

I've been waiting for Gareth Porter, who for years has been closely following the IAEA's dealings with Iran, to weigh in on the latest reports which imply that Iran is hiding something.  Today, I found that he has (here), and that his latest article essentially exposes the British empire's desperation to start a war. In a nutshell, all they have is baseless suspicions.  The Mossad has evidently ginned up another fake "leaked research document" which supposedly proves that Iran is working on nukes, and Iran's "refusal" to allow a certain facility to be re-inspected (for no good reason) is actually just an attempt to get the IAEA to stop insinuating that Iran is working on nuclear weapons in exchange for allowing the re-inspection.

The same day that Porter's article came out, the IAEA came out with new insinuations that the progress on Iran's nuclear energy program can only mean one thing: that it's working on nuclear weapons.  So, it's clear to me that the IAEA, like other divisions of the British empire, has apparently long cultivated an image of objectivity, waiting for this moment to stampede the world into "Armageddon."