Tuesday, February 28, 2012

St. Giuliano's coven confesses

They prepared the trap in the police station. The woman was drawn into it, with no lawyer, with no witness, and the pack attacked! All barking wolves against a woman alone. Their usual game, twenty against one. Got a deja vu feeling?
Rosa revealed it last Friday on the TV show Quarto Grado: “They interrogated me for 16 hours, they were telling me that I was lying. To make me confess they beat me, they strangled me, they even pushed me outside the window and threatened to let me fall down”.
“When later they will understand they were wrong” –Rosa added– “they apologized. THEY SAID IT WAS THEIR METHOD TO OBTAIN INFORMATION”. [emphasis added]
from Amanda Knox’s Ordeal Everyday Clearer

It almost goes without saying that this undermines their "defamation case" against Knox's parents, whom the Italian "justice" system is dragging back to Italy. Again, note the implicit amorality of these "supermen," who are "super" by virtue of not being weighed down by a conscience.  It's the same banality as seen in the "explanations" for bombing children out tending their flock in Afghanistan, for purposes of terrorizing Afghans and Pakistanis as a result of not knowing who will be "accidentally" bombed next, as part of creating Hell on Earth. This same type of creature set up base in Turkey and slithered across the border to gun down civilians in cold blood, so that the British empire could point fingers at their next target, the Syrian government, as part of their drive to start a thermonuclear world war and unleash global chaos.