Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stanford Institute also liberally spread BS

Rev A (see Notes)

Further study of EIR's special report entitled The Aquarian Conspiracy’s Road to Orwell’s 1984 (go here , scroll down) led me to the conclusion that the Stanford Prison Experiment, or at least what the public was told about it, was one of the many varieties of BS purveyed by the Stanford Institute.  The trigger for this conclusion was the section written by LaRouche, entitled The Difference Between Their Science and Ours, in which he mentions that there is nothing new about the teachings associated with the "Aquarian Conspiracy," but that it was just a variation on an ancient theme by the "gods of Olympus" (which he implies are black magicians), i.e. that of filling mankind's heads with false beliefs in order to manipulate them.  This has become more difficult as mankind's consciousness has progressed, so the Devil and his agents have had to work harder at it.

I would also add pod people of various sorts, infused with Satanic intelligence and anti-human drive, to this group of top-level deceivers. The Spirits of Darkness also strive to insinuate false beliefs into our minds, and to temporarily take possession of weak individuals, such as, I suspect, Jared Loughner.  (His insane grudge against Giffords might have been an example of how the Spirits of Darkness goad people. The wild day or so leading up to his rampage, which killed and injured many others against whom he had no such grudge, might have been the result of a last-minute "surge" of will-impulses which bypassed Loughner's human instincts, effectively taking possession of him.)

Another of its varieties of BS is its study entitled Changing Images of Man, the basis for which is the pathetic assertion that mankind's behavior throughout its existence is determined by its BELIEFS about itself, i.e., its self-image, when in fact mankind's rational nature is based on its current soul-configuration, which is the product of unimaginable eons of development over the course of four incarnations of our solar system. [1] Before that, our behavior was dictated by pressures from society, and/or by the gods, especially Jehovah, who acted as a sort of "group soul" during the sentient-soul epoch.

Stanford's "study" then lamely claims that the image of man as rational and creative has had undesirable effects (conveniently forgetting the influence of the oligarchy), and that this image therefore has to be replaced with images from past epochs.  This image-change isn't the same as their ultimate goal, which is similar to that which was done to Jose Padilla, but just some lies about our nature to allow them to manipulate us as they wish.  Their gradual destruction of civilization, combined with a perpetual reign of terror ("war on terror), which includes the sheer terror of knowing that you could be obliterated out of the blue at any moment by a missile fired from a drone "by mistake," is more directly connected with their ultimate goal of driving the human spirit out of the world.  Perhaps there will be no utter destruction and re-creation, but just a gradual descent into hell.

So, although the Stanford prison experiment included elements of "enhanced interrogation," an explicit goal of which is "learned helplessness," a.k.a. "obliteration of the self," I believe it was associated in the public's mind with Stanford Institute as a HINT of its source (Satanism) and ultimate goals.  It appears that most of what EIR's study associates with the Aquarian Conspiracy is just more Satanic BS intended to confuse us and make us easier to manipulate.

Rev A: Added Note 1

[1] For an idea of what the Stanford Institute considers to be a more appropriate "image" (i.e. consciousness) for mankind, refer to the p 26, which is in the Stanford Institute's 'Images of Man' section. There, the report states that Stanford's "Images of Man" claims to have identified several beliefs which determined the nature of man over the last 250,000 years, and certain aspects of them which would be more suitable than the one which has supposedly caused all modern problems, i.e. the image of man as rational and creative.  Not surprisingly, they decided that we need to believe ourselves into becoming more like we were in feudalism's heyday, i.e. blissfully ignorant, superstitious peasants.

Beliefs obviously do affect behavior, but they don't change the fundamental underlying form of consciousness which allows us to HAVE images and manipulate them in our minds. In previous evolutionary epochs associated with earlier forms of consciousness, mankind did not have this ability.  It is absurd to claim that we can get rid of our current form of consciousness by making use of it.  The masters of the universe probably realize this, and that they will have to obliterate our minds and replace them with artificial intelligence.  (I noted in the introductory section of EIR's report that Marilyn Ferguson, the author of The Aquarian Conspiracy, published a magazine called The Mind/Spirit Bulletin before writing her book.  I doubt that she would admit that driving the mind/spirit OUT OF US was her goal.)  So, it seems that they want us to believe that we can believe ourselves into a supposedly superior form of consciousness, but that they are hiding the truth about how they intend to bring about this change, while dropping hints of what's involved under our noses in the form of the Stanford prison experiment.