Friday, February 10, 2012

Syria: another chaos operation disguised as a democratic uprising

Despite vehement denials by Washington- London-Paris representatives at the UN Security Council last week, there are growing signs that what London and Doha are in the process of putting in place in Syria, is an exact replica of their covert and not-so-covert operations inside Libya.
from Qatari Special Forces Operating in Syria

The Syrian government is not attacking its own people - the cowardly serial killers who have been gunning down civilians in Syria are agents of the British empire, including Qatari and British special forces. This is what is known as a black operation, such as the demolition of the WTC, the JFK hit, the MLK hit and the RFK hit, because such operations don't officially occur, and will forever be denied by the various divisions of Mammon's global empire, including the US government and media. Such operations are just too dirty to admit, because doing so would expose the true nature of our actual government.  So, as usual, the blame is projected onto our actual government's next target, which in this case is the Syrian government.

Considering the media's capacity for deception in this sort of situation, I have to wonder whether my opinion on the Egyptian government, which is based on mass-media reports, is based on reality or another such utter fabrication.